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May 20th 2008
Published: May 20th 2008
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Its cold and rainy today so no beach for bobby. instead ive spent the morning working on some travel and accomadation plans. working with websites in italian can be vexing but im picking up alot of what im reading. i ought to be leaving tomorrow, but dont hold me to that. if theres one thing i was right about, its that any plan i could have made could be shot to shit in an instant. take my falling asleep on the train for instance. that would have blasted any plans or reservations i had in croatia. now i know what your thinking, dont fall asleep an hour before your stop. thats all well and good but when your out here alone sleep can come when it comes and theres not a damb thing you can do about it. its really more passing out than sleep. but my point is that ill not tell you where or when im going some where until im there.

ive discovered that its every road thats paved with good intentions, not just the one to hell. ive also discovered that for me to become the honest and forthright fellow i want to be, its important to be honest when it doesnt matter, maybe more than when it does. like my dad always said, "if so say your going to be somewhere, be there." my inequities and the perils of language barriers make any such promise a hoax. with that said i tell you only of my intention to leave tomorrow. i intend to go west. and i intend to pave the way without intention. and with any luck, it wont be the road to hell im on. this may or maynot make any sense to you but i find this new outlook comforting.

tonight im going out with my friends, cristian and thomas. i cant say what kind of hijinx this night will bring, but it may be my last chance to see them for a while. so ill will make the best i can of it. my time here in rimini has recharged my batteries and my spirit. im ready to tackle some more of this big bad world. " all energy flows accourding to the whim of the great magnet", "i'd be a fool not to ride this strange torpedo out to the end". H.S. Thompson


20th May 2008

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If this man should fall....who will raise the flag and carry on? I will... Thomas from Glory

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