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May 21st 2008
Published: May 21st 2008
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SING WITH ME..."I'm leaving on a fast train, don't know when i'll be back again". Its really sad that i'm leaving today, or at least INTEND to leave. ive had so much fun with my friends here. it was really great to see them again, and to make some new friends as well. Its one of those cosmic twists of fate that allowed me to make this pilgrimage. to bring the saga of cristain and i full circle, and to begin a new chapter. i wish very much to return here. but for now, i have other fish to fry. "the fats in the fire" HST

So, i went out with my friends last night, had a few drinks, made some new friends, fredorico and cristian2 (appearently my reputation preceded me). said a difficult goodbye to cristian, and went to bed at about 2am. for some good awful reason, i awoke at 6:30. since i lost my watch in budapest, i had no idea what time it was. just assumed it was late, as i got in late. i got cleaned up, finished packing and checked out. only then to discover it was wicked early. now im just wasting some time. my train is around 12, so here i sit.

Though i walked from the train station to the hostel(about 4k), i'll be taking the bus back. i need to conserve my energy and its only 1euro. ive already seen much of the town here, so i'll do my walking when i get to the next spot. to my understanding, the further i go south, the friendlier people get. i cant wait.

ive got a few more pictures to post, but im on the hostel computer now. everything is in italian and i have a hard enough time working computers in english, so its pointless to try. im saving the batteries on my laptop for the train ride. freecell baby! these european computers are difficult to opperate. mainly the keyboards. for one, they well used and many of the letters are worn off. trying to remember back to typing class in the 7th grade is rough. especially since i failed the class, miserably. but im getting by, hunt and peck style. i would love to blame my poor spelling on this, but the straight fact is im getting dumber. not that ever won a spelling bee or anything, but it wasnt always this bad. i know youlle do your best to muddle through.

now ill have a little breakfast, and prepare to engage the enemy on his own territory... the italian railway system. this trip requires a transfer to a different train so ill really need to be on my toes for this one.
"I'm goin' into battle with the good book in one hand, and my rifle in the other" - Glory


21st May 2008

They would be proud!
Ok, so whoever the hell you had as your keyboard teacher would be really proud! Hunt and Peck is the way to go!!!! Have fun!
25th May 2008

Your Mom was my neice
Hi Robert. Your mom was my neice, as Mike and Frank are my nephews. Mike shared your blog with me. Very enjoyable. I spent 3 summers in Italy, actually Capri with my Dad (Michaelangelo Spinella) in '54, '55, '56. Have fun and watch out for the "pickpockets", advice from my Dad way back when. Take care, Skip

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