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September 25th 2008
Published: September 25th 2008
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The first stop after check out was one of Lui's most anticipated attractions. The Ducati factory and museum. I finally get to see where my bike was made. yipeee !! I won't bore you with the details that i thoroughly enjoyed, but Dot had a full time job mopping up the pools of drool left over after each section of the tour. After the factory we were shown to the museum and allowed to take photos of some of the historical as well as recent racing bikes.
After Dot had gotten Lui's tongue back in his mouth, and coaxed him out of the museum with a Ducati T shirt, we headed north east toward Venice, in our bland little reliable Fiat (no scarf flying in the breeze....)
The country side outside Bologna is flat as a tack for miles & miles, with all manner of grain and fruit crops, along with the ubiquitous grape vines, growing side by side. Soon we were in the outskirts of Venice, with our GPS giving us directions that we had by now learned to trust. ".. drive 200 metres to destination on right..." and there it was ! Hand the car keys back to Mr
can i take this one home ??can i take this one home ??can i take this one home ??

oh, go on, please ?
Europcar, and no more driving for this little black duck on this trip, thanks.
Oops, how do we get our bags to the hotel. Silly me, we can't drive in canals anyway ! We walk. Clack clack, clack clack, clack clack. I can't believe the wheels are still on this suitcase. ( hey, deja vu !)
We were only 3/4 of a km to our hotel so the trip wasn't too tough. Carrying the bags over the several bridges was the hardest part.
Venice is unique (well durrr !) but it is, and you really can't prepare for it. It took hours of walking to quell the initial excitement we felt. The place is a maze and you can stoll for hours without ever crossing your path, and while many are similar, no two "streets" are the same. Day one in Venezia finished with soup and crusty bread (oh and a 1/2 bottle of wine) in a jam packed popular little ristorante, chatting to a couple of Californian tourists, and then a quiet stroll through deserted back streets to our hotel.

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view from our room in Veniceview from our room in Venice
view from our room in Venice

water glimpses as they say in the real estate brochures

25th September 2008

Hi guys, looks like you are having a great time - all that Italian food is not having it's effects is it? It has been really enjoyable reading and viewing your travels. Can't wait to join the empty-nesters so that we can do some trekking of our own. Cheers, Greg

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