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Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna November 12th 2021

When I mentioned that my feet were itching again, I already said the destination wouldn't be far. In Europe, luckily, you needn't go far to see loads of interesting things. It's what I love about the continent. It's so diverse! And a lot of it I haven't explored, always concentrating on the far away. Jenni and I had various plans when we first started talking about a trip together. Morocco was mentioned, but with Covid and the country shutting it's borders at short notice, we decided it perhaps wasn't quite the time yet. I thought about Spain, particularly the south, Grenada, Cordoba that way. I haven't seen those places yet, and I figured now might be the right time, with less tourists. And then it became Italy! Easier to reach from Jenni, and cheaper to reach ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna May 3rd 2021

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna October 10th 2019

Have you ever read the book Eleanor Oliphant is fine? I had never until this holiday and I made it my holiday read. What a clever book it is too. It made me laugh. I sighed a lot as what she said and thought resonated with me. At times she said what I often wished I would be able to say. So as we sat in the restaurant at Camping Citte Bologna her authors ideas came into my head. The waiter smelled awful. I wondered when was the last time he put a fresh clean shirt on? Did he ever wash? I swear he was the same waiter as the last time we were here two years ago and yes he probably was wearing the same clothes . So what does that say about the kitchen? ... read more
Monte Cassino
More from the crypt

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna August 5th 2019

Today was our final full day in Italy before our two days of travel to return to the UK. After a good breakfast, which also included cake, we headed off back to the city to follow the map we had been sent from our Tailor Made Rail. We were to start from the Neptune statue - our first port of call was the Salaborsa, once the economic centre, now a place of culture. In this building, you could see some of the old city below through a glass floor. We did do this a little later than planned, as opening times in the summer are a little later 14:30 not 10:30 when we got there. It is worth a look, however some of the glass could do with a clean to have a better look. Heading ... read more
Anatomical theatre - old university
Anatomical theatre - old university
Anatomical theatre - old university

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna August 4th 2019

As indicated in the last blog, our friends headed for the airport around 8am sadly we did not wave them off as we were still fast asleep. It had been a great couple of days together sharing the adventure. So back to the two, we enjoyed our final breakfast at the Grand Hotel des Arts - checked out, stored our bags and headed out for a final fling around Verona to soak up the excitement and see some of the set we had seen on the stage returned to its area in the square. We went back to our little cafe near the hotel for an Aperol Spritz, picked up our bags and headed to the station to catch the 14:52 train to Bologna ( only 50 minutes away by train). The train was busy although ... read more
Dinner including the famous Bolognese sauce
Neptune’s fountain
Unfinished cathedral of St Peter

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna July 2nd 2018

I am excited today, as we have booked a factory tour of the Ducati plant and Museum. Sorry there will be no photos of this, as we had to lock the camera in a locker and the phones were provided with "No Camera" stickers to cover both lenses so we could not take photos of the factory. You will have to take my word when I say that this tour is well worth the effort to see. I have been quite taken by the Scrambler range of bikes they have. These are a cross over bike with semi road tyres that would be great in a forest dirt track. The Museum on the other hand was a bit average compared with Porsche or Michelin, but a great chronology of Ducati's history. After the Museum we planned ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna May 25th 2018

A few words about this series of blogs. I don’t feel that they are up to my normal standards. We have had pretty full days, and even though I have allowed time at the end of every day to do the blog entry, it just seems there has not been enough time. In reviewing the blogs, they seem to lack the depth that I normally write with, so for my readers and myself I am sorry for this. As you know I do this for a few reasons, one is so that Jerry and I will have something to look back in our golden years to remember all the places we have been the second is to hopefully inspire others to travel and experience a world outside of the US and their comfort zone. I can ... read more
The stock beginning
Stirring the Bologniase
Asapargus for the filling

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna May 24th 2018

Up a little earlier than most days as Christina and I had to go get the laundry. Yesterday, I was commenting on how quiet San Marco is before the crowds, well at 8:30, it is empty, just the deliveries being made on the canal the musicians of the larger restaurants lining the square setting up for the day, full of activity but empty of tourists. Picking up the laundry was fairly simple, grandma was working so the language barrier was an issued but we figured it all out. When we got back to the hotel, we finished packing and headed to the vaporetto stop to take our last trip up the grand canal to the train station. Traveling with our new luggage has been quite nice, the 360 wheels make it so much easier to get ... read more
Hello Bologna
Lunch in Bologna
Basilica di San Petronio

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna September 24th 2017

After a long 28 hours of car to train to plane to train to car we made it to Bologna. For the record Air France is a decent airline. In a sea of airline cutbacks and so-so service we found them to be efficient. The plane was one of the new jumbo liners with 2 decks. We were on the top in a 2 person row which is nice for a 10 hour flight. The food was decent and the wine down right delicious! All the train connections thru Milan went off without a hitch and here we are!!! Bologna for anyone who is an Italy lover like me should be on your next list of stopovers! It's a beautiful, walkable city. And some damn good food and wine! Lasagna here is not like at home, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna August 16th 2017

Bologna is known as a foody paradise. The first thing we learned is that bolognese sauce is definitely NOT used with spaghetti rather parpadelle or tagliatelle which enables the sauce to stick to the pasta so now the grandchildren will have to adjust as we move into our “authentic Italian” phase!! Mortadella and parmigiana reggiano are also local specialities and we sampled them all after an excellent pasta making demonstration at lunch. The most interesting aspect of the Bolognese architecture are the porticos to extend a house to create rooms for students as the University of Bologna has about 50,000 students. The porticos stretch from between 37 and 45 miles so no need for a hat or umbrella!! Highlight - was an unexpected one - a quick visit to the university to see the Museum of ... read more
More of the porticos - they are everywhere
Sylvana making pasta

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