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September 16th 2018
Published: September 17th 2018
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No need to rush to get up this morning - yay! I love this little boutique hotel - my room is super cute and the bathroom is lovely. My breakfast was ready for me at 9:30 and I was the only person in the breakfast room. Going by the number of tables, I think there are only 5, maybe 6, rooms. I would certainly recommend anyone stay at the Twice-Naples Hotel. After breakfast I checked out. The girl in reception was so lovely, she even wanted a photo with me before I left. I decided to walk to the Central Train station as i knew I just needed to stay on the main road my hotel was on. It was a lot easier doing the walk back to the station than it was on my arrival. It was earlier in the day for starters, although it was already 26 degrees by 10:30am. The cobblestones don't make it easy but I was in no rush. I had planned to catch the Campania Express at 11:49 to Sorrento so I knew I had heaps of time. The Campania Express is supposed to be better than the local train (Circumvesuvia) so it costs €8 compared to the €3.50 for the local but from what I could see, it probably wasn't much better.

The train arrived on time and I enjoyed the view from the window, especially as we went past Mt Vesuvius. The train was supposed to arrive in Sorrento at 12:25 but it was closer to 12:40 by the time it pulled into the station. I was in contact with Chiara at the accommodation I had booked so I sent her a text to say I would be a little bit late. It was an easy 5 minute walk to the location of my accommodation but I had a little bit of trouble locating it as there wasn't any signs. I sent Chiara another text and she buzzed me in. Turns out there are only two apartments as part of this business and the rest belong to locals. Anyway, it was lovely to be here and the apartment is fantastic. I will include some photos as it is every bit what you would expect Sorrento to be. After finalising the check in process and working out how everything operates, Chiara left and I did some washing and cooled down in the air conditioned room. After I had sorted everything I headed out to explore. The road I am on is the main street and is lined with shops, restaurants and bars. I am not far from the main square, so I walked there but kept heading toward the coastline. The town of Sorrento is built on the cliff tops, and these cliffs are very, very high! The view from the lookout was breathtaking - I could even see Capri on the horizon. Then I looked down and could see the beach set up with piers and jetty's all set up for sun baking and swimming - and eating and drinking too of course. I walked down the cliff face - that was fun! I sussed out a few places then decided to sit on a table overlooking the water at one of the restaurants. I had the mussels cooked in garlic and white wine with some chips and a glass of rosé. Divine! I had been feeling a bit anxious about being on my own again but now I certainly felt fine and loving life in the moment.

After my very relaxing lunch I walked all along the marina and then tackled the walk back up to the top. I meandered through some little alleyways and explored the shops. I found a shop selling linen pants, which I really needed. I tried on a white pair and a blue pair - I liked them both and they were only €39 so I bought them. I then spent a while checking out the different little streets as I made my way back to my apartment. I am excited as I am really centrally located, which makes it easy for popping back for a bit of respite before venturing out again.

I went for a walk around 8:30 and the town was really buzzing. Sorrento has more of a touristy feel about it than any of the other Amalfi Coast towns we visited. I think I heard more people speaking English than Italian. All the restaurants are bars were pretty full and the menu's too seemed a bit western. I kept walking to an area that wasn't so chaotic and found a little restaurant where I could get a table. I wasn't really hungry and only felt like a glass of wine but felt I should order something. The thing about being solo in restaurants is that they tend to ignore you when in actual fact that should serve you more quickly than others, who are chatting amd catching up with friends, as you just want to eat and then get out of there. Four people came in after me and sat at the table next to me. The staff swooned over them, bringing them water and bread while I sat there with an empty table. Italian staff also have mastered the knack of never catching your eye! Eventually i managed to give the guy that had sat me down 'the eye' as one of his colleagues was explaining the menu to the 4 people next to me with true Italian flair and passion. In the end a girl served me so I just asked for a margarita pizza and a glass of the Falanghina wine. Still no water or bread was offered to me so I just stared at a wall while waiting. And waiting. By the time my food came I had lost my appetite - I had to ask where my glass of wine was. I really needed that now!! I ate a small amount of the pizza, finished my wine and as, once again, I couldn't catch anyone's eye and mosquitoes were starting to make a meal of me, I just got up and went to the bar and asked if I could pay. The guy asked I felt everything was ok but I couldn't be bothered explaining so just paid and left. I then went for a walk, enjoying the view and the atmosphere before calling it a night. i spent a lot of time today writing five days for my blog so I spent some time uploading photos so I could publish those five days. Phew, what a relief it was to get that dome. Now to enjoy some Netflix!


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