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October 20th 2011
Published: October 21st 2011
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Wanted to start the day off heading up to Mountain Vesuvius and get a good view of the city but that didnt happen cause it looked like it was going to rain and there was clouds around the mountain. I just headed to the ruins and grabbed a bite to eat on the way.

I love history and I wish I paid more attention to world history when I was in 7th grade in Ms Gardners class (i think that was the teachers name) Anyways I love to sit and think how many people have sat here or walked through this path especially when Im in Philly. Hope that makes sense. So I went through the back entrance and there was barely anyone around. I walked through the streets with out a map having no clue where Im going just getting lost in the Ruins. I just walked along the sidewalks peeking into all the ruins of the houses and shops. I would touch the walls and close my eyes and think about what happened here in 79 AD when Mountain Vesuvius erupted covering Pompeii.

I finally got to the center of the ruins and then thats where all the tourist appeared. Tons of tour groups going through the maze of Pompeii. I think I took over 20 pictures of Families that asked me too. The main area of the ruins have all the plaster molds of the bodies that were frozen in time when the volcano erupted and it also held all the artifacts. I finally was ready to leave after three hours of walking the ruins and I had no idea where to get out. I kept hitting dead end after dead end. I did get to see some more buildings that werent swamp by tourist yet but finally found my exit.

Got back to my hostel and packed up and paid. My bag felt so much light since reorganized it.

I headed to the train station to catch a train to Florence. It was about a 3 hour train ride and the train system here in Italy is def the best. It was nice and warm when I left Pompeii and then when I got off the train in Florence I was freezing. I have to buy some socks tomorrow cause my feet are cold.

The hostel wasnt to far and when I got there I printed up my next and last two Hostel reservations for Europe. I also got to hang out with some Canadians that I met back in Prague and we all went out to eat at this nice cafe down the street from the hostel. We caught up on what we have been doing since Prague and they also told me about a tour they were doing tomorrow that went to two Tuscany Cities and a wine tasting tour. I was coming to Florence for Siena but I learned that there was a train strike tomorrow and that was going to be out of the question. So I thought best thing to do was this Taste of Tuscany tour.

Got back the hostel and I let them borrow my comp for a little since the hostel charged 1 euro for 15 minutes on their comps. I finally went to bed around 11 pm and was out like a light.


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