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May 26th 2008
Published: May 26th 2008
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As my train pulled in slowely to the station, i peered out my dirty window at the piles of garbage lining the streets. upon exiting the station i was confronted by a pile that neared 4meters high and looked 1k long. its quite unbelievable, as is the smell. but escaping this downtown refuse container, i discovered that much of the rest of the city has faired better, undoubtedly by dumping their garbage else where. being from jersey, i have a more intimate knowledge for this trash problem. For like jersey the mafia controls the trash. So here they make sure the trash remains where it hurts the city the most, i.e. tourist areas, it disappears more frequently from the rural areas. luckily enough, ive wandered my way to one of these areas.

while i was at the train station, i saw a sign directing to the ferry port. i considered blowing of napoli altogether, and just run to sicily. but my desire to see pompei and vesuvius got the better of me, so i hopped on the metro in search of a hole in the wall hostel i found on the net. as i navigated the metro lines and the streets, i found the further south i go the more ridiculous my fur coat appears thus the more laughs and stares i get. i was aprehensive of their looks at first, but ive come to enjoy the absurdity of it. its like driving one mile an hour below the speed limit and watching the chap behind you lose his mind. its just good fun.

so i found my way to the hostel with little difficulty and checked in. after having a look around i found it to be more than adaquate in its offerings. nice clean rooms, nice showers, garden, bar, free wifi, laundry, and breakfast, all for 16 euro. not a bad deal. my friend rob was here 2 day ago and he paid 30 to stay in a dump hotel with a dump outside his window. there are some brits here who are offering me beer and bbq, so ill head out for now. but since its free ill be more likely do put up some more postings.

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