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May 25th 2008
Published: May 25th 2008
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This morning i got up at 6:00, showered and made it out the door by 6:30, made the 50 minute walk to the vatican and walked right into st. peter's basilica no problem. it was nice and of course i got yelled at for wearing my hat. then i walked around the corner to the museum where the sistine chapel is. i was there 30 minutes before it opened and the line was already 1k long, no joke. i stood there about 10 minutes and decided it wasnt that important for me to see the museum. i walked the line just to see if any of the people ive met here were in line ahead, but no such luck. by the time i walked to the front of the line and back,(about 30 minutes), the line had doubled to 2k. intolerable! so much for beating the crowds. admission was free today so im guessing this was a longer line than usual.

so instead i walked around the city some more catching the sites i missed along the way. the fontana di trevi, where throwing one coin in will assure your safe return to rome, and a second coin grants a wish. i met some nice folks from jersey there and they had even been to the jefferson house for sunday brunch. small world. then i walked up to the piazza di spagna, where the spanish steps are located and sat with the lovely ladies there who vied to be models for artists. it was an early day for me. i made myself some lunch and now im plotting this evenings activities. this will be my last night in rome so im thinking WINE.

ill be leaving tommorow for napoli, where the garbage flows like wine. But that might not last very long due to the odors undoubtabley present there. But its a good port to leave from for sicily. I had myself a little "i love america" night last night. went to the american embassy and set foot on american soil. ate a cheese burger at mcdonalds,. then caught the new indiana jones movie. just some small tastes from home to keep me connected.

the weather has held nice for the past few days and walking aroung the city was a great time. its smaller than you would think. anyway, ill try to put up some more pictures. until tomorrow in napoli. ciao

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25th May 2008

How did you like the new Indy Movie? Harold took Noah to see it yesturday cause his little buddies backed out on him. I was going to call him to see how he liked the movie. Well, I have to go pickup the on-call truck as I am on-call today and tomorrow. Take it easy brother, I look forward to recieving my notifications that you have posted something. It makes me feel like I am a part of your trip. It is really great that you are so far away and yet it is like I am with you at least for these brief moments that I read your posts. Godspeed to you my son.

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