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October 17th 2022
Published: October 17th 2022
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Oh my I feel good . I slept 9 hours last night and it was great . I hadn't realized how tired I was . Being on the go for 10 days with many start times at 8ish and not going to bed till later does catch up to one's body . All the driving is tiring as well . I also had more trouble with jet lag this time . Melatonin doe s help but the tossing and turning takes its toll .

Anyway a great sleep last night and now on my own schedule.

I believe I left the blog in Derry . I forgot to mention a stop we did at a place called Knock . It is pilgrimage site where Mary , Joseph and John appeared to the villagers. It has been investigated as miraculous on 2 separate occasions. They have built a beautiful church , outdoor gardens, meditation spaces... and hold regular services May-Oct . I've never heard of this site . It is most pleasant.

Derry is a walled city built by the British . It is high on a hill and to enter it one goes through a mall and up 3 escalators and then walks up a bit more. It must have been remarkable in its time . The buildings are massive and for the most part are in good shape . I walked some parts of the wall and it is a great view. I ended up having lunch in a community hall that was home for a Canadian contingent during WW2 . The Church of St Columb and the College/Universsity attached are beautifully maintained .

It was the only time on this trip that I saw signs of economic hardship . A lot of the stores were closed , many boarded up , and MANY for sale signs . COVID did hit Ireland hard but the politics in Northern Ireland caused inconsistencies and the people and the economy both suffered. The shut down in the Republic was swift and prolonged but did not , in the long run , seem to cause as many problems . They are talking about reinstating a mask mandate for the winter months as a precautionary measure.

On to Belfast and supper of beautiful cooked salmon . Later we went to The Crown a traditional pub that is owned by the government . It has been completely refurbished as an authentic drinking establishment . It was an early night as we set off for the Giant Causeway at 8 the next morning . The drive up @3 hours was beautiful . We travelled on the coastal route and the sun was shining most of the way . In the not to far distance one could see Scotland . The Causeway itself has many stories and myths attached to it . It is also FREEZING COLD. The wind off the ocean is brutal and the rocks and boulders are constantly being attacked by the waves . It is truly an awesome site . On our return we made a stop at the Dark Hedges of Game of Thrones fame . An overgrown , mostly dead , webbing of trees leading up to a manor . At one time it might have been beautiful but it had been neglected for years. It is now a great zite for spooky movies .

Our last morning 6 of us booked an 8am black cab tour of Belfast . It took us to various sites in Belfast that were key during the "Troubles" and attempted to explain those events and times . So sad ...

And with breakfast on our return the tour ended !

I could not Check into my new hotel until 3 so chose to do a hop on hop off tour of Dublin which i enjoyed . I wS able to expore St George Market , which could have bee found in any big city, a Botanic Garden , and the Titanic Museum which is almost overwhelming .

I am settled in the Ramada at the moment and am taking a quiet day . I am sure you understand..

Hope All is well .Do keep in touch .


17th October 2022

Your travels in Ireland
Very interesting places and history. Thanks for opening our eyes to new places. Weather in Calgary is awesome. Very dry.New premiere is struggling but hope things come together for her so Alberta's economy and jobs come back on track. Lots of new Ukrainian Canadians arriving. Lots to do to help them with accomodations , and jobs with more English. Life is safe here but worries about Ukraine and the continued Russian aggression. The Irish had so many struggles as well. You are learning so much about it in person. Enjoy the last days . Keep well and safe.
17th October 2022

Sounds good
But tiring and a bit cool. However, very interesting. Great adventure. Enjoy
17th October 2022

Hi, I guess we cant have it all. Organized groupes are good for seeing many sites and not bother with reservation but yes they can be too much. I am sure you took pleasure in the site seeing and having a group around. Have fun just walking around. Remember 3 nights in the same bed! I just came back from the cottage, the Colors are beautiful, blazing. Picking up leaves, finding the most beautiful one and taking walks. Enjoy.
18th October 2022

You don't just sit around - you are busy each hour of each day! Good on you, Pam.
18th October 2022

It’s been lovely reading about all your adventures and I look forward to seeing your photos when you return home. Wishing you safe travels.
18th October 2022

So many sights
Wow! You’re seeing so many interesting spots. Nice to slow down for a few days. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday with the Hauta’s: 15 of us; Lorna had it in the Seniors’ Hall this year, which has recently been renovated, and works very well for our group. Still nice fall days here, but predicting s**w next week, yikes!

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