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January 16th 2015
Published: January 16th 2015
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Today was a beautiful day in Waterford. It was a nice crisp 40 degrees and the sun was shining all day. Since all classes were cancelled at the University today because of board meetings, professors sit around and talk about last term's exams, we took the opportunity to spend some time around the city centre and quay (que). Some people in the group did some shopping and I did some exploring. I went into the oldest cathedral in Waterford called Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. It was a unique experience. The cathedral sits right in the middle of the city centre, which is the main shopping district. The inside struck me at how simple it was. Having travelled to Italy and seeing cathedrals with beautiful ceilings and paintings that is what I was expecting when I walked in, but instead I was greeted by a simple church with plain ceilings and a normal altar. It was beautiful in its own way. It also caught me off guard that it was free to go in to. I was expecting to have to pay something, but as I took pictures I noticed people coming in and out to say a quick prayer or to just sit in the peace and quiet. After noticing this, I too just sat down and took in the simplicity and quietness of the church. It was a much different experience compared to the cathedrals in Italy with their grand altars, masterly painted ceilings, and endless amounts of tour groups. After my meditation in the cathedral I went out to the Quay and took some pictures of the river and Quay itself. Then I met back up with the group for lunch. I had cottage pie with the usual sides, mashed potatoes, cabbage, and vegetables along with a pint of Smithwicks. After lunch, it was back to walking along the Quay and taking more pictures. After walking all the way down to Reginald's Tower, we made our way back to the city centre to get some coffee at our favorite coffee house, Blackfriars. Just like the first time we went, the coffee was excellent and the father and two daughters that run it were so friendly. Finally after spending an hour or more in Blackfriars we left and listened to some music being played out in the square before going back to the apartment. Tonight, I actually cooked a real meal for myself, spaghetti with meat sauce. I was impressed with myself and hopefully this whole cooking thing gets better as time goes along. Tomorrow we are off to Kilkenny to explore some more. I hope to get the pictures up before the end of the weekend.


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