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July 3rd 2007
Published: July 3rd 2007
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So, today we hit the Jameson’s Distillery, very nice. Boring tour, dull guide, but it was cool to see how it was made, and when you turn your one free whiskey into 4 free whiskeys, the night has promise.

We hit Killkenney and took a quick tour, which wasn’t that great, but was somewhat informative. I got the chance to see some 500 year old churches and the like, which was really amazing.

From there we had dinner at a 700 year old pub called Kyteler’s Inn, established in 1324. Food was ok, but honestly, in a SEVEN HUNDRED YEAR OLD PUB who cares what the food tasted like.

Then we returned to our hotel and hit up the most amazing bar I have ever seen. Someone had the brilliant idea to purchase an old Welch Church, transport it to this place and rebuild it inside the bar, making it part of the 4 story structure. We ended up sitting next to some amazing arches, which were meant to be seen from 4 stories down, under a skylight that opened up to the Irish night. Honestly, words cannot describe just how surreal and amazing this place was.

Met a couple from Austin and we discussed our good times and the culture shock we encountered. I hope to hear from them back home. Then from the amazing bar we went to the amazing resident’s pub where we had a few more, and an incredible amount of laughter. We were all falling apart. I then got to go with a friend and, accidentally, violate the new smoking ban, which he played off well. This was a very laid back night but all in all, one of the better ones. A lot of bonding, a lot of drinking, and a lot of laughter have a way of making any night amazing.


5th October 2007

Hey, I know what you mean about how amazing the pub is with the church - I have been working there for a few months. It is fantastic, an amazing combination of such old and new architecture. It is really great at around 7am in the morning - there is noone else there but a few staff and the sun comes shining in the skylight and bounces off the stone and mirrors. Except it is only 3 stories, not 4.

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