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October 4th 2005
Published: May 22nd 2009
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Ahhh! We finally arrived! We flew into Shannon Airport in Ireland. Its early in the morning and the airport is barely moving. I hadnt slept the entire time on the plane, it was crunched, and i was hungry.. and... well... yea... We got on our group bus,(stomach grumbling and me practically passing out...) until i realized mom had put gold fishes in my carry on.. THANK YOU MOM!!! Me and jen ate them all and fell asleep on the bus.. it took us about 2 hours to finally reach our apartments that had our warm comfortable beds waiting for us in good ol' Tralee, Ireland. By this time, we were completely drained.

Good thing was.. it was an apartment complex for college students! Which means it was an opportunity to meet new friends and get to know where the good places to go were around the area. Our first night we arrived, of course everyone went out. The girls and I didnt, we were too tired from traveling all night and unpacking and going to the grocery store to finally get some food to cook. We ended up taking care of the others who decided to go bar hoppin the
i think i over packed. i brought like 6 pairs of shoes minute we got there lol.

I included some pictures of our apartment, and some parts of town... It is so different from home. You really dont realize what u have until its not there.

12:30 AM
-so it does not seem that all irish people are very nice. Customs gave us a hard time and all we got was dirty looks except from our fantastic bus driver, Ted/. Our apartments are absolutely beautiful and huge. Bev, Jen and I are roomies and our room is so cozy. Totally Unexpected.

After we saw our apartments we walked to a local pub where we ate sandwhiches and had class orientation. The sandwhiches werent that good, but the coffee was definately NEEDED! After that we came home, unpacked went to grocery store next door, Dunnes. I picked up some water and alcohol (Yes, IM LEGAL HERE!! ), pizza, choc milk and a calling card. WHen we got home i called Zach and that completely made my day. We talked for a bit but then had to say goodbye. Oh yea, i called sara too!

Finally after we went shopping, we went to Baileys pub and found out some really great places to go in the area. Locals are so sweet! We then went home, showered (thank god) and went outside on the porch. Unbeleievably, security didnt care we were drinking, we also came to the conclusion that Irish girls are inferior to American girls. haha

Jen and i also met a few nice neighbor guys and talked for about a half hour on America and Ireland being so completely different. I can acutally say I am learning from the culture and having a great time.

Tomorrow we are visiting the Dingle Peninsula, a whole days worth!

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i love the colorsi love the colors
i love the colors

tralee, ireland
old mill across the streetold mill across the street
old mill across the street

theres ghosts in there! I SWEAR

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