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May 5th 2015
Published: May 6th 2015
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Train to Cork was a bit of a nightmare. We had to go all the way back to Dublin before going to Cork because of works on the train tracks. We didn't arrive till about 10.30pm so pretty much went straight to bed.

The next day was Blarney Castle day! A short but ride from the city centre brought us to the village and a short walk brought us to the entrance of the castle. However what we thought was just a castle turned out to be an extensive property with beautiful gardens. We started off by exploring the castle which was awesome! We climbed up this tiny, narrow staircase that spiraled up the castle. We saw rooms off shooting from the staircase and they led to other rooms. Without the signs I'm are we would have gotten lost within the castle walls. We then made a move the top of the castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. The view was incredible!

Kissing the stone itself was pretty awesome. Its said that it is supposed to give you the gift of the gab. Now I don't know if it worked on Stevie and I but it was still an experience. You had to lie down on the battlements and lean over backwards into this gap. A man was there to help us down and then you kiss a stone in front of you. It was exhilarating. Then a lady asked us afterwards to talk to her to hear our eloquence but because of her heavy accent we couldn't understand what she asked. We were then left saying "wha...ummmm...urghhhh" Gift of the gab my ass!

We then took a walk around the gardens. There was a beautiful fern garden with waterfalls and a set of wishing steps. On these steps if you walked up backwards with your eyes open and think of a wish it is granted. Not sure whether I believe in it or whether someone just wants to see a bunch of people fall over but I did it anyway. And I didn't trip for all those assuming that I did.

After a good walk we headed back to the city on the bus. We wanted to check out the old gaol before it closed but then we got a bit lost. That was ok though because the sun was shining and we stumbled upon a lovely park.

Next day we did visit the gaol and it was really interesting. They had audio guides and statues to represent the wardens and prisoners. The cells were still intact and you could walk in them. It was a bit eerie but very informative.

Train to Galway more to come soon


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