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January 13th 2007
Published: January 15th 2007
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We set out really early this morning to catch the bus to Cork. Four hours later we arrived to windy, rainy weather(so the usual), checked in at our hostel and then headed out to see Cork. There wasn't a whole lot to do, so after going to this sort of indoor market(I got a scone, and a pretzel which was amazing) we went to catch a bus into Kinsale. An hour later we arrived in this adorable little town and began to walk to some sort of fort that one of the girls had heard about. We made it after a few very tough hills. The view was so pretty. We ended up walking back along the water. Everyone was hungry so we stoped in town at a pub to eat. Kat and Katie were runing late, so they had to eat in like 3 minutes and then run to make the bus back to Cork(they weren't staying the night), and in all the rush, Kat forgot her boots that she had bought in Cork. Eventually we made it back to the hostel with Kats boots in tow. We were all so tired that we just sat in the cinema room watching movies on bean bags. At like 10:00 we went out to town(because we felt like we had to) and went to this place called the Old Oak(or something like that). We were told that it was the place to go, but we were greatly disappointed. For one, everyone dresses up(where as in Galway, you can pretty much wear whatever), and here we were in the one set of clothes we brought, me in my hiking boots and big jacket. For two, they almost didn't even let me because apparently I don't look 18 and my student ID with my birthday on it isn't good enough proof(yet a driver's liscense which can easily be faked is considered proff enough-- go figure). Three, there was a really weird mix of people. There were some young ones, but there were a lot of older people(the woman dancing in front of the speaker was funny I admit), and the music was not live. It was really weird. We went back, went to bed, woke up, checked out, and then went to catch a bus to Blarny. The grounds on which the Blarney castle is built, are beautiful. We climbed to the top(which really

Me kissing the stone
was not a bad climb at all), leaned over and one by one kissed the Blarney stone. We then walked around the grouns for a bit, and following the map, found this set of steps which is called the wishing steps(I think). Well, in order for your wish to come true you have to walk down the steps with your eyes closed and then back up again backwards with your eyes closed. We each took our turn, and when it came time for me, I got about half way down, opened my eyes, and then had to start all over again. We made our way back to the bus stop, got back to Cork, decided we really didn't want to stay for anything else, and then got on another bus back to Galway. Oh, the best part(well, one of the more interesting parts anyway) was that Kats shoes came along with us every step of the way(we are thinking of charging a travel and handling fee).

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Sudie and I in an awesome tree

My first attempt down the wishing stairs, moments before I opened my eyes

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