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January 17th 2007
Published: January 17th 2007
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Today was the day where if you wanted to get into an english seminar(you can only be in one a semester) you had to register for it. No big deal right? Wrong. The process for signing up is basically the first to come is the first to get. We had heard that people get there hella early just in order to get the class they wanted(technically they didn't start sign up until 9:00am). So, Sudie and I decided to leave at 5:00 in the morning(yes you heard me right). I had to wake up at 4:30 this morning. In addition, we had looked at what the weather was supposed to be like and of couse it was supposed to be cold and rainy throughout the day. I woke up this morning, ate breakfast, packed food(which I knew I would need more than normal of because I didn't get done with classes until 3:00pm), put on my two pairs of socks, hoodie, fleece jacket, ski jacket, long underwear, jeans, wellies, scarf, hat, and finally gloves. I also packed with me my new water pants. We head out at like 5:15(I was running a little late), walk in the dark, with barely a car to be seen the whole way, and finally make it to the quad(thankfully it was not raining during this time). Now of course, we were talking the entire way about how crazy this was, and how we were probably going to be like the first ones there. We walk into the quad(which is the cool old building on campus), which is a little creepy in the dark(in addition, right as we walk through an owl starts to hoot right above us which really doesn't help the creepy vibe), anyways, we walk through and there is a good number of people there already(46 I am later told). These people are absolutly nuts, not to metion this system. About 15 minutes after sitting one the cold stone stairs in line(which was under and overhang), it starts to rain. We were so glad that we came when we did, because if we had been walking in that I would really not have been happy. Then, it starts to hail. This was by far not the worst part though. The wind was the worst part. It was blowing the rain slightly under the overhang, and frankly it was just plain cold. As we were waiting, more people came and got in line, but there was this group of about 4 who came about 3 people after us, but they had friends who were closer toward the front of the line. These 4 had gone to their friends and were standing there talking to them. The kids around me(including myself) did not like this much, and we were all disscussing how we should tell them to go to the back of the line(they never sat down, so we thought we would wait until they sat down to say something, or we thought for sure that the people behind this group would say something). After about an hour, one of the groundskeeper guys took pity on us and let us inside even though he told us that he wasn't supposed to until 8:45am. Everyone was so happy we got to at least get out of the wind(because since they never have heat it really wasn't that much warmer inside), and rain. As we were following in line into the building we passed the people who were first and asked them when they had got there. You know what they said? 1:30am. Can you freaking believe that. Disgusting. Well, we all sat in the room, maintaining our position in line(the group of 4 never went to where they should have gone) and as time went on, more and more people came in and the later part of the line started to sort of jumble together(and people were squeezing into the front areas of the line). There was very little order. Finally someone came at like 8:00 and gave us all numbers(in order of when we got there) so that we could go and get something hot to drink. Well, as we were walking to get our numbers, 2 of the 4 cutters waited behind to take their real place in line. When we got our numbers(I was 51) we found out that only a few people had actually cut in line(previously we were all very upset, because it looked like there were alot more people who had done it, and if we didn't get into the classes we wanted because of them, after waking up at 4:30 well it wouldn't have been a pretty site). We had a few minutes before we had to go back, so we went and got something to drink and a chocolate croissant. We made it back just in time, because they had already been taking people in. I had been on the fence between two classes. Film and Shakespeare, and Jane Austen. Well, as we were walking up they had a list of all the classes and some of them were already crossed off, including the film and shakespeare class, which narrowed my choice down. We were all hoping that the person right in front wasn't going to take the last spot in the class right before we each got there. When it was my turn, I told the guy which class I wanted, and went over to the sign up sheet. There was one spot left on the sheet(there were only 3 spaces open for international students for this class and I had got the last one) and the man as he was signing me up told me that I was lucky(the class I signed up for was an extreemely popular class, and everyone wanted it). Sudie and I left the room, and as we walked out she stoped to say hi to someone she knew. She introduced me and after talking about if everyone got into the class they wanted, I mentioned that I had gotton the last space in the Jane Austen Class. Well, it turns out, one of the people that was standing in the group we were talking to was one of the almost cutters who had stayed behind to get in her rightful place, and she really wanted Jane Austen and couldn't get into it because of me(had she stayed with the rest of her friends she would have gotten the class, and I would have been out of luck). She gave me the dirtiest look. But you know, I woke up at 4:30 and I got there before her, tough freakin luck. She should have gooten there earlier then. The rest of the day wasn't nearly as exciting. Sudie and I got hailed on as we were walking to the international student office(it really hurt, but on the plus side I did find out that I don't have to go to the immigration office at all, I just needed to have the international student office copy my swiss passport and send the copy to the immigration office and then I don't have to deal with the whole pain of everything, yay!). In the end, the morning was insane, the weather crazy, I was and still am very tired, but, my Gaelic language class was really fun(even though it is very hard), and I signed up for a lot of societies inclusing the international students society, the chocolate society, the geography society, the german society, mountaineering club(which I signed up for yesterday), and there are a handful of others that I may try out like the food and drink society, the marine society, the dance society, the sailing club, and the kniting society. Oh, and I have found out that there are quite a few people who are upset that they didn't get into the Jane Austen class, so I definitely didn't make any new friends today.


20th January 2007

sounds crazy
dang, sounds like that day was a long, boring, wait for a class! but, at least you got into the class! When i went to school in MN, people would wait outside days before the line opened up for their favorite room assignments! ha! glad youre having fun, it really looks pretty out there. Its butt ass freezing here!

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