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August 24th 2012
Published: August 24th 2012
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We are getting so excited as time closes in and still we have so much to do. It is so hard to believe that we are actually getting to do this. We have been researching and reading books, hunting for exciting things to do and places to stay and trying to fit it all far we have done amazing...we will be covering a lot of ground...literally.... This truly will be a journey that we will never forget. It is so amazing how much there is still to do and only a few more arrangements to make.

Am working on an itinerary to share with any of our friends thay may want to follow us and see where we are and what we are up to. As well am publishing a small book of our itinerary for Sian and I to take with us to help keep us on track..and will make a great keepsake later on.

Iceland looks absolutely incredible and so enjoy reading about this fascinating country...we will rent a car here and have Sian be our designated driver...That is what happens when you are the youngest..and obviously the nicest.....My sister, Deb will join us for the 6 days in Iceland....and she is so thrilled to have this opportunity...Iceland is very exciting for us as our great grandfather was one of the many that left Iceland years ago with thousands of others to Canada and the US, after a volcano eruption destroyed many farms and their livelihoods....Sian is still working on the ancestry information for all of us. This will likely not be our only visit to Iceland. We have already set up the whalewatching and will be at the Blue Lagoon for sure a time or two, along with our road trips.

Then Sian and I will fly off for Rome, Italy, and a cruise covering some of Italy, Greece and Turkey. We have arranged our shore excursions from the ship which look so incredible...and then we will move onto Jordan...we just aren't going to have enough time in this country with 6 days..We have arranged for a driver and tour for the days we spend in Jordan. So far we will spend 1 night in Amman, 2 at the Dead Sea, 2 at Petra and 1 night at Aqaba on the Red Sea...There will be a lot of dipping toes in the seas we visit on this trip.....and then onto Egypt for a week which includes a trip on the Nile.

I am so fortunate to have been invited along on this trip and then expand the planning the way we did.....and thank you to my husband who will stay back and take care of our home and 3 Shelties which enables me/us to make this amazing journey together. We hope to keep up with the blogging and pics as we go........


24th August 2012

kathy, have a wonderful trip. See you when you you get back. Lots of love Xox
26th August 2012

Beyond Excited For You!
As you prepare and research for your amazing trip I will be following you and your blog of adventures! This truly will be a trip of a lifetime and to share this those who are so special in your life makes it more special! Your hubby is amazing for staying home taking care of the Shelties and the house... :)

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