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June 27th 2010
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Arriving in Iceland at 6 a.m. after an overnight flight without sleep (but I did have an 80s movie marathon and watched Office Space and Wall Street again) means one thing - head to the Blue Lagoon.
About a half hour from the airport, this otherworldly place is a favourite stop for people as they come in and out of Iceland. Most airport buses offer an option of a stop at the Lagoon en route to and from the airport. And I can see why. We drove along through lava fields, no trees, just the alien, stark landscape. Up ahead, huge clouds of steam rose from geothermal pools and the water colour! Milky blue. Like nothing I've ever seen. And ringed with black lava rock. The spa is incredibly well run. Wrist bands with computer chips operate the lockers and can be used to charge drinks at the swim up bar (yeah baby) and cafes. The pools themselves are about 40C, shallow and magnificent thanks to the algae and silica in the mineral-rich water. Your skin feels like silk, although it strips your hair and leaves it feeling like Buckwheat on a bad hair day. Boxes of silica are all over the place and people smear the stuff - which looks and feels like white icing - on their faces. It's pretty hilarious looking. Vicki went for the Full Joker. There's a wet and dry sauna and a waterfall which acts like a massage. But I opted for the real thing and had an amazing in-water massage done on a floating bed. It was incredible and I finished feeling quite refreshed. A smoked salmon sandwich and another one of those killer Iceland coffees (I am addicted already - screw you, Starbucks) and then to my hotel in Reykjavik for a power nap. I was meeting the four women I met last month on the Sex and the City tour in New York for dinner and a night of dancing. I needed a shower and a good three hours sleep and I hoped Id be good to go because the thing about this place is there's no nightfall to speak of. And coming home before dark is for wimps - the bars star open until 6 a.m. for a reason kiddies.

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27th June 2010

Floating away
Hot water, strong hands, stronger coffee. Sounds like heaven. Enjoy yourself, dahlink.
28th June 2010

i saw the same hotel in Discovery Travel and Living Extreme show... its volcanic ash i guess is has some Sulphur or ?? dont ask wht which ppl use to shimmer themselves for soft skin.. and also saw that u get warm and biting old water on both sides...

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