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May 28th 2016
Published: May 29th 2016
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Maritime Museum ReykjavikMaritime Museum ReykjavikMaritime Museum Reykjavik

Back door from the harbour.
After a too short sleep, I got up and looked out the panoramic window to see another dreary drizzly day. I am too used to getting up with the sun so when it is always light, it is hard to sleep for long. A great day to find an indoor activity. I had a light breakfast of yogurt and granola and a pain au chocolate. The yogurt was thick and creamy and the bread freshly baked. Still hard to stomach for $11. I guess this is a sign of what to expect as far as pricing. The exact opposite to travelling in Asia where getting there is the expensive part.

I had a half price coupon for the Maritime museum so off I went. It was only a ten minute walk away. I missed it as I was looking at the other side of the street when I passed it. I asked a local who had stopped to pick up a package to direct me. He didn't know but googled it and told me to hop in. His dog was very indignant at me taking her front seat and sat on the drivers lap and glared at me for the

Written by a female fishing boat captain.
twenty second ride. Even with the coupon it costs me $8 to get in.

The first exhibit was the ticket taker, a young man, dapperly dressed in a bow tie and handlebar moustache. He pointed out the path to follow which led to an exhibit on women's role in the fishing industry. They performed more tasks than men but were at least accepted as equals. Next was an exhibit on fishing equipment and boats. It included a well done documentary on the daily life of a fishing crew in a rowboat just off the coast. Next was the story of the fish wars with the British in the middle of the last century. The Islanders won, both on the water and in the courts of international law. There was also an exhibit on life at home for the wife and children. I breezed through the trawler exhibit. Been there, lived that. There was a nice boardwalk to the docks and a view of the harbour. Time and money well spent.

I felt a bit of a hunger was coming on so crossed the street to a restaurant that my prairie friend from last night had recommended. The buffet
View Across Reykjavik HarbourView Across Reykjavik HarbourView Across Reykjavik Harbour

I had been waiting a couple of days for the clouds to disperse to see across the harbour. I think this is as good as it gets, this trip.
is offered in the evening rather than at noon as during the week but I decided to have a fish and chips anyway. Also included in the price was a lobster soup and a salad bar with at least a dozen choices. The fish and chips were excellent, the fries home made, the batter crisp and not too greasy and the fish fresh and flakey and cooked to perfection. This place certainly lives up to its name, "Awesome Seafood". I made plans to return to partake in the buffet later in the day.

Next stop was the national museum. I remember passing it on my walk into town when I arrived. I cut across town and came across a cemetery I had also seen, just across from the museum. I entered through a side gate to check it out as cemeteries are my second favourite place to visit in a new city, after museums. Each plot is surrounded by a low cement wall. Most of the plots have a tree planted in the middle of it or at least a few perennials. The plots are not laid out in neat rows witch certainly helps make the visit a
Catholic Church ReykjavikCatholic Church ReykjavikCatholic Church Reykjavik

20% of Islanders are Catholic. The rest, mostly Methodists. Church quite plain compared to those in Quebec.
pleasant meandering walk.

The museum is in an unremarkable modern building (modern art to some architectural students, I guess). It houses a thoroughly modern exhibit with good conservation techniques and electronic aides. Most of the explanations are translated into English. I am now well-versed in the early settlement and history up until the 1700's. I did not have time to take in the second floor expires on the more modern era. Next time. I certainly hope to come back to Iceland to see the rest of the country.

Back to the harbour for my buffet supper. It was even better than lunch. A nice selection of fried, baked and stewed fish dishes along with the soup and salad choices from earlier. I did try a piece of black coloured fish. Tasty. I later found out is whale meat. If I had know that, I would have skipped it, out of principle. It is a popular dish with the locals though.

Back to the hostel where I got into long conversations with an Austrian fellow. Another late night.

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Cathedral ReykjavikCathedral Reykjavik
Cathedral Reykjavik

The highest point in the city. Said to have a fantastic view but expensive to go to the top of the steeple.
Heritage Cemetery ReykjavicHeritage Cemetery Reykjavic
Heritage Cemetery Reykjavic

Many famous locals buried here. Nice meandering stroll. All in all, tombstones quite simple. Each plot surrounded by a small barrier. Most plots have trees or at least some wild flowers. Trees seem to grow well.
Child TombsChild Tombs
Child Tombs

Reykjavik Cemetery
Reykjavic LakeReykjavic Lake
Reykjavic Lake

In the middle of the city with parkland, statues and paths.

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