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21st March 2016

Thank you Jim. Yes, jardin Liu a Suzhou:-)
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20th March 2016

Trip to Burma, Hong Kong, Vietnam
Hello Jim, first of all, î would like you to Know that Î really appreciated your travelling blog for this trip. What a nice adventure! Welcome back to home in Saint-Etienne and Take some Time to rest. We live here too, we had met à few Times; i Know Claudette. We are leaving this Wednesday for China.
From Blog: Sunshine Coast
20th March 2016

Merci, Sylvie, pour les appuis, et Bon Voyage. J'espere que vous aviez la chance de visite les jardins classique de Souzhou.
From Blog: Sunshine Coast
18th March 2016

Looking like a wonderful trip!
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3rd March 2016

Spicy Tour?
Glad you guys are getting around to many "out of the way" places and seeing the sights. During your travels are you finding some new spices / flavours to incorporate into your cooking? In a part of the world known for some spicy foods I would hope that you are getting some additional experience and opportunity to sample some new flavours. Best wishes and safe travels for the rest of your journey.
From Blog: Sa Pa Vietnam
7th March 2016

No new spices but many old favourites but FRESH. Yummers.
From Blog: Sa Pa Vietnam
25th February 2016

Afin de laisser toute la place à l'exotisme, je continue de vous lire avec intérêt cependant, je ne commenterai plus...Bon vent!
7th March 2016

On vows donnerez plus de details en repentant.
22nd February 2016

Your trip
Probably not. I spent almost all my time in Central VN..in Binh Dinh province and Cam Ranh.. You'll love the banh my...French bread although you'll find a few flour bugs baked inside. For a special meal try this bo bay mon..."7 kinds of beef". Of course, Pho is almost a staple. It's pronounced something like "fuh" There might be something called Pho Xe Lua...something "locomotive Pho". I liked the Pho Tai the best...noodles in a broth with thin slices of beef. Good luck. Keep me posted.
7th March 2016

Thank for the culinary hints, Curt. Not much of a soup drinker, especially for breakfast. Try to avoid the cooked water buffalo. Love the bread. Relatively air free and soft crust. Claudette prefers hers with a crust to slice the mouth to ribbons and 90% air pockets. Off to Ha Long Bay tomorrow. Maybe a different regional cuisine to sample.
21st February 2016

Hong Kong jours 1, 2, 3
Je suis accro à ton récit Jim et j'attends l'après Hong Kong!
From Blog: Day 3 Hong Kong

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