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May 27th 2016
Published: May 28th 2016
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The RiftThe RiftThe Rift

Here you can stand with one foot in Europe and the other in N. America. An earthquake tore apart the two teutonic plates. Now a National Park because of its geological and historic significance. From the top of the cliff, beginning in 930AD, chieftens and farm folk met to create laws and met out justice each year.
I visit the main post office of every capitol city I visit. This time I could do my business without having to worry about how bored my wife is getting. I must say that these folks are amongst the most efficient and customer orientated postal authorities I have ever encountered, very philatelic centred.

I then went to meet a couple of friends from the village we live in for lunch. They had discovered this wonderful fresh fish restaurant on the harbour front. The Fish Baron. I had a halibut brochette, brushed with lemon butter. It was excellent, fresh and flakey. For those of you that like fish soup, my friends swear by this house specialty, loaded with lobster meat and its broth.

I was especially grateful to Bertrand and Claire for taking me for a ride out into the countryside. Our destination was the site of the first Islandic parliament and an earthquake fault between the North American and European tectonic plates. It was a moving experience to walk along the fault line, gazing up at the 30 metre cliffs. Atop one of them the head chief would oversee the annual gathering of island leaders to establish new
Valley ViewValley ViewValley View

From the top of the escarpment looking down on the lake. Nearby is the summer residence of the Prime Minister.
laws and met out justice. An altogether enlightening historical and natural experience in Pingvellir National Park.

I started to doze off on our way back to town so declined the offer to take a detour to look at an art gallery. After a short nap, I went down to the lounge for a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk. I hadn't drunk moo juice in a couple of days and had a craving (for chocolate also). Chocolate is very popular in Iceland. It was wonderfully rich and creamy, the milk and the cake. I went across the street and bought a prepared meal of beef strips, green salad and quinoa salad to counterbalance the decadence of the dessert.

In the common kitchen I got into a conversation with a grey-beard from Saskatchewan, a Dutch teenager and a fellow from the Czech Republic. The wide range of topics kept us entertained until way past mid-night. When I got back to my room I was hit by a heat wave and stale air. There is only one small window that opens and the wind was blowing from the other direction and not into the room. It was

The crevass has filled in over the years. At one point one could drive a car along here. The Althingi (first parliment) was held on top of the cliff at left.
a sweaty night in the room with seven men and one young woman. I guess I had drunk too much tea as I tossed and turned in the semi-darkness most of night.

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Sparce vegitationSparce vegitation
Sparce vegitation

On the cliff at Pingvellir.
Raging TorrentRaging Torrent
Raging Torrent

Waterfall flowing into the rift.

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