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July 28th 2018
Published: July 28th 2018
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Ok, I'm back in Ottawa for... like 32 hours haha. Sunday I'm heading back out and flying to the west coast, so I'll be back with the blog then.

As for the Europe part of the trip with Mom, that sadly came to an end yesterday - it was glorious to wake up in Iceland on my birthday and eat all the skyr I wanted though 😊 It's been a really great time travelling with Mom - it's bun fun showing her some of my fav spots and discovering some new ones along the way. I'm really lucky that we travel well together (although I'm sure there are some times she could have lived without my desire to walk everywhere haha).

Our flight was only around supper, so we had the morning for me to show Mom around a bit more - we slowly made our way down to Tjornin and City Hall and spent the bulk of our time around there. Not quite sure where all the birds were today though...? There was quite a bit of construction in the nearby area, so maybe they're just being scared off? Not sure. There were some ducks and 2 swans, but nothing like the usual flurry of activity on the lake.

On the flight home I remembered how much I love the flight back from Iceland - the views going over Greenland are always spectacular (especially if you sit on the right hand side). Today was one of the clearer days in terms of cloud cover, which made it that much more picturesque.

So, like I said, super short homestay and then I'm back off. The next two weeks will be just me, so back to the usual total random exploration and hoping to get out on a few hikes at some point if weather cooperates. Also, since it's just me, let's see what interesting characters I meet this time around lol.

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Icelandic hot dogsIcelandic hot dogs
Icelandic hot dogs

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