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Blog 5 August 10 – Driving Northern Iceland Left Akureyri today hoping to play golf. Signpost in the hotel carpark told us we were 97 miles from the Arctic Circle. We felt a little cool but the locals were doing early morning laps in the pool. Arriving at the Akureyri Golf Club we learnt there were no tee off times until 5pm because it was Northern Iceland’s week of championship golf for men and women. Well the weather was not the best so we weren’t too worried. Drove on to Dalvik and tried another course there but received the same response – basically no room at the inn!! Golf Cancelled and back to being a tourist. Driving on we noticed the salmon fisherman were really having a great time and they seemed to be everywhere. The ... read more
Diesel 185.9 ISK which is about $2.25 per litre
Jadar GC Starter's Hut - good for weather protection!!
Welcome to the Dalvik Fishing Festival - we were two day early

Europe » Iceland » North » Seydisfjördur July 13th 2009

We have just returned from a cycling trip to Iceland via Denmark and the Faroe Islands. We left Winnipeg on June 20th and flew to Copenhagan via Reykavik. Bikes came off the the plane in Copenhagan with some issues-mine was out of the box but luckily all the pieces were there. As it turned out Jan's bike suffered some damage as the rear brake and derailer were out of adjustment. Never underestimate the amount of damage that baggage handlers can do - on the outbound we put bikes in boxes but probably didnt pay enough attention to taping the boxes shut and padding the contents. On the inbound we put them in plastic airline bags and had no problems. Another issue is whether to deflate the tires, bike shop staff will tell you that tubes will ... read more
The Faroes
ready for riding
Camp Westdal

Europe » Iceland » North » Seydisfjördur August 16th 2008

Friday August 15 Today I arrived in Hofn, Iceland. A town of about 1800 on the southeast coast of the country, which sits near the tongues of 3 major glaciers. My previous 2 nights were spent in Egalsstadir which was one more night than originally planned, but when I woke up at 6 a.m on Thursday to catch the bus, I decided that it was entirely too early to get up on a Thursday, so I went back to sleep. It's nice being able to make those choices. Thursday in Egalsstadir was fairly uneventful. I did truly get to have my first Icelandic meal however. It was at a little cafe near the campground, and they were offering a lunch buffet. More or less it was a good meal, even though I ate a lot of ... read more

Europe » Iceland » North » Seydisfjördur August 13th 2008

After Akureyri I made it to Lake Myvatn. It's in an area of significant volcanic past. It's also known as an area that get's very little rain, because it's in the "rain shadow" of a major ice cap. I could go for a major Ice Cap right now. Where's a Timmy Horton's when you need one. Back to the rain story. It absolutley poured all day on Monday when I arrived in Myvatn. I was sick of putting up, sleeping and taking down my tent in the rain, while getting soaked while I slept, so I opted to sleep in a guesthouse. I did a lot of nothing on Monday while it rained. Tuesday was miraculously sunny. The first sunny day I have had on the entire trip. I went for a long hike up a ... read more

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