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August 18th 2011
Published: June 9th 2012
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Myvatn TownMyvatn TownMyvatn Town

The location of the church where the lava flow went around it in 1729
Myvatn is a volcanic hotspot that looks and feels like another planet. It is a gorgeous location with excellent hiking opportunities. But, hiking lava fields is not easy.

A 1729 eruption of the Krafla volcano brought the lava flow right into town. The priest delivered a "fire and brimstones" sermon claiming this was all God's way of punishing people for their evil thoughts and deeds and low and behold ... the lava flow went around and spared the wooden the church. The current church was built on the foundations of this original church.

We hiked from Krafla's crater down into the town of Myvatn. It took a good part of the day as we weren't in any hurry. The geothermal activity has been tapped as an abundant source of almost free energy.

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