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Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Matrahaza September 26th 2018

Language is always challenging but especially in Budapest where I know a meager 3 words: jo napot kívánok (good day/hello), köszönöm (thank you), and szia (hi & bye). Back in 2000 during my first visit here, I could have sworn that non-English speakers here were saying "hello" upon meeting and leaving, like szia. I was always saying "hello" and "see ya," the latter exactly how to unknowingly pronounce szia. Fast forward 18 years. While Budapest has gotten a lot schwankier, the local usage of hello to mean goodbye to English speaking foreigners has not changed. I re-discovered this yesterday just before my very short hike to Kékestető, Hungary's highest peak @ 1014 m ASL (3326') about 100 kms northeast of Budapest. I didn't want to take the bus all the way to the top so I ... read more
Ubiquitous Trail Markers
Looking Back Down the Ski Slope to the Plains of Northern Hungary
Approaching Summit and Off-Limits TV Tower

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Komarom September 6th 2018

Today proved to be a remarkable day of contrasts as we set off from the beautiful city of Györ, (after a quick tour of the towns highlights and riverside developments) to cycle to Komarno. Busy roads, but mostly with cycle lanes, led us out of the old city, and into the industrial areas, along railway lines and eventually open countryside. That’s where it started to go wrong. The Eurovelo 6 recommended route took us along miles of wet pot-holed trail through forest. Progress was too slow on our skinny tyred road bikes, so be back-tracked to solid ground, and continued on the main roads, through Böny, Bana, Babólna, Acs and on to Komárom. Then over the Danube which forms the border with Slovakia, into Komárno. This is a beautiful town, the centre pedestrianised, wide streets and ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Debrecen August 28th 2018

Dag 1 -Rondreis Roemenië -dinsdag 28/8/2018 – Samenkomst in Debrecen (H). Etappe 3 van de individuele trip naar de plaats van samenkomst in Debrecen (250km van Budapest). Onderweg prachtige autostrates (waarschijnlijk dankzij sponsorgeld van de EU) tot bijna in Debrecen, vlakbij de Roemeense grens. Eens daar van af, secudaire weg in slechte staat. Landschap onderweg, zo plat als een pannekoek, bestaat hoofdzakelijk uit bruingedroogde mais- en dito zonnebloemvelden. Moest het land niet bewerkt zijn, zou men kunnen denken dat het onbewoond gebied is. Geen dorpen of huizen te bespeuren langs die autobahnen. Wel voorzien van nieuwe parkings en tankstations. De diesel is hier ook al duurder dan de super. Toch milieu bewust of brengt het geld op ? We staan hier op een camping in een bos. De installaties zijn uitgeleefd en/of kapot. Gelukkig zijn we ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Debrecen June 12th 2018

HE SAID... Today we were travelling southeast from Eger to Debrecen. Despite a wild night at the wine cellars, we were (once again) wide awake at 5am. The sun was rising over Eger Basilica, which was a beautiful sight from our small balcony. We headed down to a small external dining room/kitchen for a very basic but enjoyable breakfast. Baskets of bread rolls were on the table, along with plates of cheese, salami, ham and tomatoes. We made ham and cheese rolls, which we washed down with endless cups of tea. It had been, after all, a full-on wine tasting at Biro Borozo the night before, and we were thirsty. After breakfast we said goodbye to Sir Charles, the resident cat, threw our packs on a private minibus and set off for Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest ... read more
great church
magda szabo the novelist
streets of debrecen

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Hajduszoboszlo October 10th 2016

A Rickl-kúriaÚtban Hajdúszoboszló felé megálltunk Nagyhegyesen. Dr. Virág Zsolt Kastélylexikona, Hajdú-Bihar megye kastélyai és kúriái kötete alapján leltünk a Rickl-kúriára. Igaz, nem a könyvünk szerinti címen, a József Attila utca végén, mert annak egyik végződése sem tartalmazta úti célunkat. A kúria a fő utca (Kossuth utca) melletti rendezett park, kis erdei sétány végén található. Felújítva, igazán csinosan, parkosított kiserdővel körülvéve. ... read more
Egy panoráma felvétel
Akadálymentes feljárat

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Szabolcs September 29th 2016

Days 6-8 - Tue. Sept. 27-Thurs. Sept. 29 - Budapest, Nyíregyháza & Pap Our day started a bit earlier than the majority have so far as we were programmed to hit the highways for a drive into Eastern Hungary for a bit of genealogical exploration. Mary Ann’s family emigrated to Canada in the 1930’s from a town known as Pap, pronounced “Pop”. And for a little note of linguistic trivia: the Hungarian language’s closest relative is Finnish. The car rental office was only two blocks from the apartment so we hiked our light luggage over there for a 9 am pickup. Everything was going along smoothly until John gave his name and was told that there was no record of his reservation. The agent checked to see if it had inadvertently gone to another of their ... read more
One of the Aunts
Pap parish church
Traditional Hungarian home

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Debrecen October 20th 2013

Darcy and I suck at traveling together. We always get these great ideas and then we assume that the person who has the idea knows what's going on. This is why we missed our bus to Serbia, and had an interesting time getting to Debrecen this weekend. Background: Debrecen is the second biggest city in Hungary. It's also home to a really big university. It's near the Romanian border, about a 3 hour train ride from Budapest. A few people from CETP live in/near Debrecen, so Darcy and I decided to visit them. It sounds easy. Go to the train station. Buy a ticket to Debrecen. Get on the train. Get off at Debrecen. On the way home repeat but for Budapest. Then you have to remember that it's Darcy and me doing this, so naturally ... read more
Building downtown
Calvinist Church
Church with tree

We would now actually like to wake one morning and find it is raining to cool the atmosphere down as the heat at 35C+ is sapping the energy a bit.However,the forecast suggests that is not going to happen today or the next couple of days if the forecast for the places we have booked to go to are correct. We had worked out the road we would take to the border with Hungary but all that got blown apart when we discovered that the town we thought we were heading for wasn't the actual town where the apartment was that we had reserved.It was all very easy to make the mistake though when you see just how unpronounceable and yet similar the names of the towns were.And one just north of Debrecan and the other just ... read more
Goodbye Romania !

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Nyírbátor July 16th 2010

Arriving at the border, we were bothered for our passports while on the platform (so, Romania hasn't quite got the hang of being in the EU yet, then) and shepherded onto an "overgrown bus, meet shed" style osobáček which took us to Debrecen. Jitka's correspondance with her friends in Liberec revealed that while we were running away from storms in the deep south, the Czech Republic was suffering from a rather epic heatwave - something we had now caught up with here. We decided that since the temperature had skyrocketed so much, for our two nights in Hungary, we should sleep outside and seek places with lakes and rivers. The first thing we needed to do was go and get a sleeping bag for me, which I needed. This was all we saw of Debrecen, the ... read more
Elizabeth Bathory's bathroom
The lake in Levelek
Where we slept

Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain August 23rd 2009

The next morning Gabe tells us that last night was Józsi’s birthday, though he hadn’t known until he had arrived at the bar, and Józsi celebrated by getting piss-drunk and trying to dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Had I known it was his birthday, I would have joined them. However there is a bright side – dreading trying to fit our inexpensive tent into our luggage, we decide to gift it to Józsi, as it was he who originally suggested we buy one in the U.S. as they tend to be much more expensive in Hungary. We spend our final day packing, cleaning and searching for a way to safely transport our horse-bows, settling finally on thick cardboard tubing, plastic pipe caps and zip ties – all purchased at the large Home Depot-clone hardware store – ... read more

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