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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest October 4th 2014

Monday 29 Sep – Budapest Today is 23C and sunny. Our hotel had THE best beds we’ve encountered in Europe. The only bed that stands out even more is the Westin heavenly beds (and of course, my own latex piece of awesomeness)! Eger is a cute town surrounded by vineyards. It’s famous for Bull’s Blood – a type of dry red wine. Nothing to do with animals but that was the rumour back in the 1500’s and it’s stuck ever since. There is an old fort that is being renovated, although you can still wander around it whilst they are hammering away. It gives a good view of the town. We decided to have lunch here before heading to Budapest since there was a 3-course meal on offer for 1300HUF ($7) at one of the restaurants. ... read more
140929 - Hungary
140930 - Budapest 1
140930 - Budapest 2

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 25th 2014

There are some more photos at A few of them now have captions to indicate roughly where we were up to. They cover our 2 days in Vienna, the train trip to Budapest and some views within 1 km of our hotel. In Vienna we were stunned by two of their famous churches, St Stephen's Cathedral - Gothic and Karskirche - Baroque. The photos give some idea but are feeble compared to the originals. This morning we looked at the main Budapest market (Victorian era iron works, slightly like Vic market but 2 storeys !) - or actually 3 - there's an Aldi in the basement. This afternoon we wandered down a pedestrian mall / tourist precinct just round the corner from our hotel. Mid afternoon CM went for a swim at the famous Gellert ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 20th 2014

Budapest was both the halfway point and eastern extent of our trip. We wanted to use our four nights there to rest up from some hard biking and to explore some of the city without getting too burned out. Our base, a small one-bedroom apartment, for an incredibly reasonable price, at Bell Hostel and Apartments, was the perfect place for both. Objectives were achived: we left early Sunday morning well rested and with some good experiences and memories of the Hungarian capital. Some of these are recorded in the photos and their captions. Budapest is an amazing city, for sure.... read more
Street musicians at Fishermen's Bastion in Buda
"Shoes on the Danube Bank"
Our great digs for four nights in Budapest

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest September 18th 2014

We have spent the last five days biking from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Compared to the neatness and manicured presicion of Germany and Austria, rural Hungary feels raw and rough around the edges. The roads and trails are certainly rough with patches of pavement missing, more dirt trails, and rougher areas everywhere. The bike trail signs are not so plentiful and finding the route is sometimes a challenge. And even though Hungary is officially using the Euro, many vendors only take Forints, the old currency, and give a very unfavorable exchange rate if they do accept Euros. But the people we have met are warm and welcoming and we have managed to communicate with English and a few words of German. For most of this leg, all the way ... read more
Signs for Eurovelo Route 6 in Hungary
Unpaved sections present problems on a rainy day
Locals' bicycles at church

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest August 20th 2014

I know we have missed a few days from our blog but this is due to us being constantly on the go! But I had to tell you about Budapest...(2 days ago) We had a free day in Budapest which just happened to be St Stevens day, a national holiday and celebration day. But we woke up to it pouring with rain, which is such a shame has only last week was it 33 degrees and sunny! On the walking tour we shuffled around the city (the Ausys desperately trying to grip on the slippery surface in there flipflops !).The whole morning was miserable so sadly we didn't get to see the city in the best light however anyone could tell it is beautiful. We finished our tour at the top of the highest point ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest August 19th 2014

On our way to Lake Bled now, just over halfway through a nine hour journey that really should have been done overnight, but the train times wouldn't work out. As it is we only have 7 minutes to make our next change, so here's hoping we're not delayed! Budapest was a very different stop to what we'd done beforehand. For starters, despite hearing many great things about the city, our main reason for visiting was to attend the Sziget festival, which was on our second day there. Via a tram and train, and following the crowds, we arrived at the 'Island of Freedom', ironic as there was a fair amount of security to get onto it! Acts on the main stage began at 4, but the first act we were keen to see were the Kooks ... read more
St Stephens Basilica
Matthias Church
Matthias Church again!

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest August 19th 2014

After over 24 hours of flying, Bill and I landed in Vienna. Our plan was to spend 2 nights and one day in Vienna, and then to continue onto Eger, Hungary, via Budapest. We had been to Vienna previously (2009) so we didn't have to rush around doing the touristy things as we had done most of them. We walked around a lot, shopped, and stopped for a bite to eat (and a beer!) at an open air food market area that was part of tne Vienna film festival. The next day we caught an early train to Budapest. Like Austria, we had been to Hungary (Budapest and Eger) in 2009. Budapest's Keleti train station is just as I remembered it - old communist era feel to it, air thick with cigarette smoke (that smell still ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda July 30th 2014

Between Prague and Budapest we did a quick stop over in vienna for two nights. It wasn't super exciting, but a good stop to have a coupe of slow days, which are necessary on a trip like this one. We saw the schönbrünn palace and the zoo in the palace gardens. We spent all day walking around the palace gardens, it's quite massive. The zoo was especially awesome because we got to see polar bears and panda bears, which I have never seen before. It was a bit expensive, but totally worth it. It's a great zoo. We had schnitzel for dinner both nights, as there was a schnitzel fast food joint down the street from our hotel. So good and so greasy and soooo cheap. The hotel we stayed in was the Austria Trend park ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 27th 2014

The sister ship moored tight beside us just floated away this morning - no churning water, no engine noise - it just spirited itself away like magic. We sat and watched it in awe through our floor to ceiling cabin window. The guided tour of Budapest started at 8.30., an unfamiliar temporal territory for me! The guide was a little bit irritating at first, with a squeaky voice and false sounding joviality (nerves?), but once she settled down, and pitched her voice an octave lower, she was charming, and kept up a constant stream of interesting little tit-bits of politics and history about the streets we were driving through. We ran out of steam about half way through, so we stopped for a cup of coffee and a sour-cherry strudel while everyone else went off on ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 26th 2014

bus to Egar, Hungary 10am July 26, 2014 Rita wishes to remain anonymous so I am calling her Rita. Our objective was, on Bev's suggestion, to try and get Rita to do something naughty for once in her life. There were lot of suggestions believe me. In the mean time we went to the Parliment, Gellert Hill, St Stephen's Basilica and synagogue - all excellent. We had a day at the Szechenyi Bath, as a birthday present to me from John and Gwen. These are truly amasing. There are multiple baths, inside and out, ranging in temperature from 18 to 38C. Jane and Rita had a massage that seemed to do Rita's neck a power of good. I am assured nothing naughty happened with the male masseur. One challenge was coordinating the different competing service companies ... read more

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