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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest October 2nd 2016

Day 11 - Sun. Oct. 2 - Budapest Our last full day in Budapest we walked up Andrássy Street to the Párisi Nagy Áruház (Paris Department Store) one of the city’s first department stores. The building was constructed in the early 20th Century and was a popular shopping location, even through the period of communism. It was also at one time a library, which was of professional interest to us. The store closed down and vacated the building leaving it empty for years. The Alexandra bookstore chain rescued the building and turned the first two floors into a superb bookstore, office space and on the second floor they restored the Lotz Hall, a sumptuous space where they installed an excellent café. We had our lunch there before heading out on our walk to the Great Synagogue. ... read more
Ceiling in bookstore cafe
Central painting
Elaborate entrance figures

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 30th 2016

Day 9 - Fri. Sept. 30 - Budapest After a leisurely breakfast I went for a short walk to deliver some books that Brooke and I had finished, to the book exchange located at the nearby Starbucks. There was no need to continue carrying them in our luggage. Today we had purchased tickets online for an English language tour of the Hungarian Parliament building scheduled for noon. We walked over to the Parliament and down to the underground Visitor Center where we waited for our turn to proceed through the airport type security check. Once we had been cleared through the security check we picked up a audio headset so we could hear our guide, since several tours in other languages were being conducted at the same time. After our group had assembled we proceeded to ... read more
Corridors of Parliament
Grand Stairway
Ceiling over the Grand Stairway

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 28th 2016

Day 5 - Mon. Sept. 26 - Budapest John went off to Berlin today on a business trip at a really early hour, up at 3:30 am to get out to the airport for a 7:00 am flight. Needless to say the rest of us had our sleep patterns altered somewhat with the result that we slept in, some more than others. Since the apartment is equipped with a Nespresso machine and we had run out of pods I got up at 9 am to walk the 750 meters over to the Nespresso Boutique on Andrássy Street, the location of which we discovered yesterday opposite the Opera House. This Boutique gives a whole new meaning to purchasing coffee. We are use to simply going into our favourite grocery store and selecting our coffee off the shelf, ... read more
Sculpture for support
Heroes Square
Synagogue Tower

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 27th 2016

Day 2 - Fri. Sept. 23 - Budapest Our internal time clocks hadn’t yet fully adjusted to where our bodies were so we got up early and started our breakfast. John reported that the hot water abruptly ended during his shower and upon further testing in our bathroom we confirmed that the tank-less water heater had totally failed. Thanks to the fact that both Mary Ann and John had purchased international coverage for their cell phones they were able to call George, who was leading a tour somewhere in Eastern Europe, to enquire about a possible solution. To prevent any possibility of further problems we had turned the unit off awaiting his instructions. During our initial conversation with him he asked that we take some photos of the unit and send them to him. During his ... read more
Let there be light!
Example of beautiful architecture
Soviet monument

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 27th 2016

Day 3 - Sat. Sept. 24 - Budapest Today we actually started to feel as though we were on vacation, got up relatively late and over a leisurely breakfast we decided that we would take a sightseeing cruise on the Danube so we ordered tickets on line before we left the apartment. We took another relaxed stroll through the city starting with Váci Street, a pedestrian mall on the Pest side of the river, which is lined with stores and restaurants. One of our shopping missions for the day was to locate and purchase a travelling alarm clock for John; he has to catch an early morning plane to Berlin on Monday. We ended this portion of our stroll at the Elisabeth Bridge with lunch at the Monk’s Café that bordered the gardens of the Inner ... read more
Shopping under an arch
Church tucked in beside bridge

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 27th 2016

Day 4 - Sun. Sept. 25 - Budapest The good side of vacations is that you kick back and relax, losing all sense of time. That is exactly what happened to us this morning. We got up a bit later, had a leisurely breakfast, read, Brooke worked on some of her genealogy, John reviewed his notes for his meeting tomorrow and before we knew it 1:00 pm had arrived. So we set out once again to find a desirable eating establishment. Heading down Zrinyi Street, which feeds directly into the square in front of the Basilica, we encountered a bronze statue of a 19th century police officer who obviously enjoyed his food and beverage. Within a block of our portly friend we found our lunchtime eatery. John selected the place because they served a Ploughman’s style ... read more
Side gate @ Four Seasons Hotel
Corner decoration 4 Seasons Hotel
Modern building traditional architecture

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 26th 2016

Day 1 - Wed. Sept. 21, 2016 - Departure - Thurs. Sept. 22, 2016 - Arrival We departed for the Pearson International Airport right on our scheduled time of 3 pm. via Airways Transit. Even thought the traffic on the 401 was heavy and in a few places slowed to a crawl we arrived at the airport at 4:20. Prior to leaving home I had printed out our boarding passes so all we had to do was check in at the desk and have our bags weighed and tagged before we proceeded to the security screening area. Here we experienced a little delay mainly caused by the volume of travellers heading out to international destinations. We met up with our travelling companions Mary Ann & John in the terminal waiting area. Since we opted for the ... read more
The stair-master from H
The Basilica at night

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 5th 2016

Day 224 Monday 29th August 2016 – Vienna to Budapest Walked up to Duran’s for breakfast for the last feed of tasty open sandwiches, I feel like these should be served on a tiered plate stand at high tea. While sitting there, it is amazing how many people stop just to look at these yummy creations, displayed in the front window. Hung around taking it easy before jumping on the metro to the bus terminal and as usual we were early so got some more reading in. Got the bus to Bratislava in Slovakia just an hour from Vienna, here it was meant to be a 45 minute wait for the next bus but it was running 15 minutes late. For the first time we had to pay to put luggage in the storage ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest September 2nd 2016

Budapest was a interesting city.Also know as being a city of spas. We went to a spa and walked around the city.... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest August 29th 2016

We had a later start this morning, which was much appreciated. After a leisurely breakfast we met a small group of fellow travelers for the 1/2-hour drive to Szentendre, a colorful artist's colony in the scenic Danube Bend. This settlement became a creative center for artists to gather in the 1920s. Today, this quaint village has many craft shops, galleries, and charming boutiques. We had an informational tour and entered many shops where Peter, our tour guide, explained the different techniques of some of the artisan's. One man demonstrated his woodworking and carving skills on a music box, but it was more than a music box. In order to open it one had to go through several intricate maneuvers to find the key to unlock it. If you bought one, it came with instructions. Very interesting. ... read more
Side Street
Quaint little town in the scenic Danube Bend

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