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September 11th 2014
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Because we had left Sweet Home early, we had plenty of time in the airport. In fact, we were so early they were not letting us check in until it was closer to our flight time. So we got a cup of coffee and went and sat and watched people until it was time to check in.

We were sitting over by the security check point for the luggage. It was interesting to watch. You first would check in at the ticket counter, get your luggage weighed and then you took it over to the security screening and placed it on the carousel and it went through security and you were free to go. It was kind of funny to watch people's reaction to the security man's instructions on how to place the luggage on the conveyer belt. He was talking on the phone as well as watching the security screen but guess all was well!

We finally got checked in and went to join all the people waiting for their planes in the waiting area. Went upstairs and there was an outside area but was in the sun and we finally found two seats and sat and had our lunch while we waited.

Finally they called our plane and we began the lining up to catch the bus out to the plane. The lady in front of us had too many bags and even though they had someone carry their extra bag, still too many and husband's bag too large for carryon. She made quite a stink and finally got on the flight.

We were pleasantly surprised to see we were in 1st class for some reason. Enjoyed the leg room but no special treatment. Flight was fine and we made it to Thessalonki where we would then catch a flight on to Paris.

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2nd December 2014

Nice Island with amazing views. I travelled there myselfon the 90's.

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