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June 6th 2011
Published: June 6th 2011
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I've listed a few things I found in the week or so we spent in Greece on our way to Italy -

1. In half an hour of arriving I fell in love again with the Greece I remembered from 30 yrs ago! It only took some friendly taxi drivers, lots laid back people and the beautiful Acropolis and I was hooked. Of course the friendly carefree mood I love is perhaps the country's biggest problem as they struggle with a huge deficit and await an EU bailout.
2. The statues are all still mainly headless- except for a lucky few like the “Hermes” and “The Charioteer of Delphi” which were buried unbroken and found intact centuries later.
3. Lord Elgin is not popular! The new museum is ready and waiting for the Parthenon friezes to be returned (buckley's I say ) and now there is a suggestion that they should sell the marbles in return for the bailout...interesting idea that isn't going down too well in Greece.
4. Greek food is delicious – so fresh and flavoursome!
5. I still don't like Retsina.

We enjoyed our 3 night, 4 day cruise from Kusadasi in Turkey to Athens. We visited the islands of Patmos, Rhodes, Crete and Santorini and they were varied and picturesque. The Palace of Minos on Crete was the big disappointment because of the poor restoration work done there but that impression was more than made up on the mainland with some wonderful museums and sites. The new Acropolis Museum is stunning and we loved Olympia and its museum and Delphi as well. In all of these, any restoration has been done sensitively and well. An unexpected treat was Meteora in the north where monasteries are perched on the tops of the cliffs amid a strangely beautiful landscape.

Our 4 day tour of the Peloponnese and mainland sites was excellent. Well organised with a good guide. We drove 1400 km's and walked an average of 4kms each day and we couldn't believe it but on the same tour there were 2 other retired NSW secondary principals and a former DDG who had all booked independently of one another!

An early start from Athens, a short flight to Venice and 2 trains got us to Zegliacco and our castle in Treppo Grande in Fruili, Italy. Now we feel in another world that is full of
Our cruise shipOur cruise shipOur cruise ship

Our cabin was 5 from the front on the second level
rolling green, rich fields, beautiful alps dotted with little villages, and a unique language that even other Italians can't understand. More on that next time...

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Happy Hour!Happy Hour!
Happy Hour!

We ordered 2 different cocktails, but forgot that in happy hour you get 2 for price of 1- so we had 4 drinks lined up. Early night that night.
Parthenon poppiesParthenon poppies
Parthenon poppies

See they grow everywhere!
Classical beautyClassical beauty
Classical beauty

It is an imposing sight and we were there early in the morning with few others. Later it was a different story.
One corner onlyOne corner only
One corner only

This helps you imagine what it would have looked like originally with sculptures all over.
Traditions continue..Traditions continue..
Traditions continue..

Whilst they used a hoist and scaffolding this must have been similar to the way they built it originally.
Fallen gloryFallen glory
Fallen glory

An earthquake caused this deck of cards to tumble.
or no headsor no heads
or no heads

those Greeks didn't have much fun!
Yummy foodYummy food
Yummy food

This Grek salad was so good I almost forgot to take a photo
Acropolis museumAcropolis museum
Acropolis museum

You can watch the excavations through a glass floor

A peaceful parkland with lots of trees surround the ruins
Achaelogist at workAchaelogist at work
Achaelogist at work

Rubbings don't change
Hermes by PraxitelesHermes by Praxiteles
Hermes by Praxiteles

The usual pose shown
What detail!What detail!
What detail!

Look at that marble carving.
The charioteerThe charioteer
The charioteer

He was saved by being thrown over in an earthquake and buried for centuries. All other bronzes were plundered and none remain
Monaastic isolationMonaastic isolation
Monaastic isolation

What some will do to live alone as close to God as they could get
Getting service uo is difficultGetting service uo is difficult
Getting service uo is difficult

This is a long extension cord.

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