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July 28th 2008
Published: July 28th 2008
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Barcelona, Nice, Monaco, Florence, Rome and Naples are how we've spent the last five days. We walked over 50 kilometers (at least 5 or more miles each day) and have visited many "toilettes." There will be a poem after August 4...too much to tell...) We've also seen the genius, devotion, creativity, power, inspiration of people from the beginning of time. Pompeii, devastasted by volcano, yet intricate in design an detail and much like today. Sorrento was delicious: fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, limoncello...wine...did I say wine? Mark and I have held true to our promise...sip the local wine in a side cafe...except on the Rome visit...we had Perroni, a beer! Words cannot express the awe of Rome...Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel was divine...he so loved the Lord to labor and create...we are truly blessed to have seen it. I touch the statue of St. Peter's foot for you all and three coins are in the Trevi fountain for all! I hummed the Sinatra song the whole time...couldn't help myself. Domed churches galore...what intelligence!
Lost money at the casino in Monaco, but tanned and swam in the Mediterranean Sea with the other gorgeous people. Quaint villages with stucco walls, trellis, and shutters, friendly people in all places..."Ba-
Twhy?" (translate "But why?") were our guides favorites words in the Sorrento tour.
The boat is fine...I have sunned while cruising the Sea on both sides of the Sea. I have enjoyed Martinis with a great bartender from Bali, Putu, each night. He calls me "Theresa." Food is so-so, but plenty...thank goodness for all the walking. Kathy is champion of the pool...knocking other women in the pool with a beach ball in a pillow while straddling a pole across the pool...Donny sings..Karoake and with the piano player. I won the most spirited at an art auction, so we'll have new prints to show off in our home. Mark is just dandy...almost made it in the slots final and has played hold'em and black jack.
I will try to add photos next time...they help when the words fail me.


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