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July 28th 2011
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I have got one word to describe Meteora-Fantastic!
Before the trip to Greece we hadn’t heard of Meteora, the Acropolis, yes, Olympia, Santorini certainly. It wasn’t though until we started researching, that Meteora kept cropping up in the tourist guide and in the top 5 places to visit in Greece. These are a group of magnificent 14th century monasteries perched on top enormous rock formations, and are still used today. One of these Agia Trias was used in the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.
Originally the only way for monks to get to them is by rope ladder, these days there are steps. Some of the larger more accessible monasteries attract many tour coaches. At one called Metamorphosis which had a single approach road with a steep drop one side. There was just about enough space, at the end, for a coach to do a 103 point turn. (It might have been even easier if the gift market was moved slight downhill to give more room) The amount of coaches waiting to use this space or pick up & set down passengers plus other car, pedestrian traffic added to the chaos. Imagine thrown in to this mix a car

this was used in the Bond film For your eyes only
towing a caravan, I didn’t stick around to see the carnage!
We had one bad bit of luck, it was at one of these monasteries that the camera fell on the floor and gave up the ghost. Luckily we brought a spare camera and hope the images do justice to Meteora.

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Last photo before the camera got KO'd

8th August 2011

I love Greece!
I found you travel blog at last, What a fantastic trip you are having, I love Greece, never been to thi spart though. Great rock formations, Looks a bit high for me. Enjoy the rest of your adventures xx
9th August 2011

Dropped Your Camera!
So basically, you dropped your Nikon that surely fell to bits and got out your Canon big gun to save the day!

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