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16th July 2016

I'm well jell would love to do the Elvis tour safe journey back next week xxxx
25th July 2016

hi Lesley Didn't realise you were a fan. I didn't think I was, but going around his place and seeing the history he was unique. Hope to see you soon x
1st July 2016

Monument Valley
Is it as spectacular as it looks? If so, I really need to go there!
2nd July 2016

Re Monument Valley
It really is amazing go early or late for best photo opportunities though. We didn't spend enough time here. The RV was rather special.
24th June 2016
Mount Rainier

Heading home?...Sorry we have moved.
Hello Wander's I thought I'd just write and let you know since you have left we have moved - The UK used to be in Europe but now we've moved to just outside Europe. We haven't got a new postcode yet but all the lines of communication seem to be open as usual. Don't forget to head for your new home when you return! The neighbours didn't want us to go but I think will stay in touch. You might well be in the best place for now as the news is a little volitile and silly here at the moment.
27th June 2016
Mount Rainier

Coming Home?
Let me know where I'm coming nearer the time its all so confusing. Is the Jungle café affected? if not see if you can reserve a table in early August.
2nd June 2016

The islands look like paradise what a fantastic destination take care xx
7th June 2016

Cook Islands
It is and amazing place and the only place we've been able to relax. .x
30th May 2016

It's great to see the trams in Christchurch are back up and running. When I was there a couple of years ago, they were still trying to sort out the CBD after the earthquake so nothing was open or working. I'm planning on going back again soon.
7th June 2016

Re Christchurch
Thanks for you comment. It a shame to see Christchurch as it is and they are building but its taking time. The trams are great and they have a new conference centre being built so hopefully might stimulate the city. Kim
25th May 2016

You both look so well Nz looks like a fantastic place! Don't think I would be walking outside that tower xx
25th May 2016

glow worms
We werent alowed to take photos either we thought they were amazing too.
17th May 2016

Loved the plcs when we stayed in rotarie our motel was right by the mud pools we couldn't open a window!!!xxx
18th May 2016

Re Mud Pools
Yes they do stink but they were amazing, Ali and Kim x
4th May 2016

Thank you and enjoy
Thank you for sharing your travel experience and please keep them coming. Enjoy.
4th May 2016

Hi when mum and i went to see the glaciers we had to stay at a local motel as it had been raining and blocked the pass,but it was worth the wait. When you go to the noth island try and go to rotoria with the mud pools you need to hold your nose. My cousin lives in awanui a lovely place.there are some lovely places to go .hope you enjoy yourselfsxxx
30th April 2016

When we were there we saw penguins on 90 mile beach in the north island was amazing, i have b When we were there we saw penguins on the north island, they were amazing x
23rd April 2016

new zealand
Hi i have been to the same lake and i went in a small plane over mount cook and see the glaciers it was out of this world! I and my mum had the time of our life .we found the weather, people and scenery are wonderful, wish i was there with youx i have cousines and friends there.two of my cousins live in forest hill Henderson auckland.i wish i shown my photos to you .have a lovely timexxxxxxx
30th April 2016

New Zealand
Hi Chris Good to hear from you, look forward to seeing your pics when we come back. kim and ali x
16th April 2016

Sydney is my home!
I'm so glad you loved Sydney! I've lived there almost all my life. I love spending the day playing tourist in the city.
7th April 2016

Can't wait for pics of great barrier reef! Bit disappointed no shark attacks on bonding lol
14th March 2016

Dinner party
I will look forward to you cooking me a curry Kim when you get back you looked very professional in your pinny!? The elephants looked amazing xx
8th March 2016

Did you go inside the palace? Loved the photosxxxx
13th March 2016

Re Palace
Yes we went in the palaces where we could. Hope you are ok. Kim and Ali xx

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