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June 21st 2008
Published: June 21st 2008
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Player to player games are big here
it is 11:30
and (young) people are packed into this
internet cafe
playing games
lord of the rings battle for middle earth
and smoking

fashion note:
aladdin pants are big on girls here
cotton capris that drag down and look
like they have a load in their pants

also big 80s hair
and mullets for the guys
and sparkly sandels with lizards with moving parts
at ancient archeological sights

we went to the ancient sight of Mycene today
with two headless lions guarding the entryway and hoards of people once again
in the hot hot
no shade
middle of the day

health note:
i have tonsilitous
i went to a ear/nose/throat doctor w/o an appointment
and five minutes later had a prescription for
and a warning to stay out of the sun
Emma got a spider bite and some cream
and a warning to stay out of the sun

Dad has wanted to go to Mycene since he was in high school so it was very
for him
he took (too) many pictures and
extraneous video of us trying to pass a big
tour group

there were many feminine
gold masks
stone pottery
and bronze tweezers
in the museum

the universal tourist is loud and disrespectful
of ancient ruins
walking through old graneries to skip the path and slow people

we found the "best gellato outside of italy" according to lonely planet
on our own
and the woman greeted me in French and we buzzed along
Very few people speak English here
and then mom stuck her hat in her chocolate and noisette
much excitement ensued

we went to a nearby pebble beach
and cooled off
and got eaten by a wave when we scooted into the pebbles for
just the right butt groove
it makes a very cool water in pebbles sound as it recedes

as em and I were out on the town in Athens
people watching
a man leaning against
his sleek motorcycle
lifted his cheek and let a resounding
fart rip
we howled in amazement
he was fifteen feet away

we took a motor boat to the little "castle"
in the harbor here in
with two Greeks
and a Polish Family
who said, in English, that few people speak English here
it is the go-to language if you don't speak Greek
and people seem less likely to open up
although em and I made a friend today after we were (I was) elated to get a Herald Tribune
he said we should move here

and some fourteen year olds
are fighting in the street
time to end a bizarre night


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