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June 19th 2008
Published: June 19th 2008
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We are in Athens
It is hot
It is expensive
We are in the most touristy part of town
but it is lovely...

Everyone speaks English so we are not pushed out of our comfort zone unless we pursue words with obliging taxi drivers, waiters, etc.

The acropolis is right above us
Mom and Dad have a view of it from the hotel room
it is under construction; scaffolding, cranes, power hoses to combat the acid rain detiorating marble.
We went relatively early the other morning and it soon was scorching.
There isn't much shade up there big enough for humans, but the stray dogs and cats find enough amongst the fallen columns.
As we came down, droves of cruise ship tour groups heaved passed us, taking the same pictures as everyone else.

I'm on the Mediterannean diet.
Never have I eaten so many vegetables and cheese...mmm feta...
we found some scrumptious Indian last night
I love how vacations revolve so closely around meals

There are more tourists from Europe than Americans it seems
and the question persists, "How do they know we speak English?"
someone thought we were from Australia
and when they find out we are from the states they ask "McCain or Obama?"
the world appears to be as curious as we are as to the outcome of the impending election

There is a lot of graffitti here.
simple tags and ornate multicolored huge pieces
my favorite so far; siamese girl twins, one holding a fork, another a spoon with fabric pieces glued to the wall
Em and I went for a walk early this morning looking at the graffitti.
we made a friend
a black lab that followed/led us around

we're headed to the Pelopennese today: the island/isthmus to the southwest
it's full of Archeological sites
Dad's only just begun...



19th June 2008

I'm the twin with the fork
and you're a blog poet.
21st June 2008

English in Athens
Hi Lily, Great to hear from you. Fun to look over your shoulder as you explore. Keep us posted. Cheers, Tim

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