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June 16th 2013
Published: June 17th 2013
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Party time!Party time!Party time!

Paul, Gordon, Carolyn, Gabby, Morag, George, Tim, Nena, Alex, Ray, Gail, Dot, Kevin, Neil, Marie, Zois and Michael...!
Can you believe we are on to our second round of visitors....

Time really flies.

Before our friends arrived we had another truly splendid evening at George's. He was celebrating the arrival of his first grandchild - a little girl who is named Mavreta, after his late wife - and so put another lamb on the spit with all the trimmings....

Those of us who were there were invited to join in the festivities. And boy, was there a bunch of us...! What a time we had...the food was scrumptious and seemed to be unending. We were treated to a variety of tastes: the usual array of tzaziki, aubergine salad etc and then clam risotto, kokarestsi and of course the lamb... And naturally the liquid refreshment was flowing too.. (Especially for you, Donald...😜)

Once the feasting was over and appetites were satiated the dancing began... George danced with the girls and OMG, he really put on a display... And finally he even persuaded Kevin to dance on the table with him.... Oh what a night it was...!😊

Since then we have anchored in the gulf - at Goat Bay, our name for Markou bay because of

Nena, the two Georges, Marie and Carolyn
the goats we see and hear being herded - which is just such a treat. It is so tranquil and we were the only boat in the bay when we where there with Joyce and Rob. With Stuart and Margaret we had to share the bay with a few other boats - but it made it no less pleasant.

We have also been back to Mitikas (where we celbrated Lynne's 60th), up to Emerald Bay (Anti-Paxos), Gaios (Paxos) and Corfu.

Corfu (Kerkyra) is a really beautiful and interesting town. Archeological finds indicate there has been a settlement of sorts on the site for over 50 000 years. At one time it was one of the most powerful forces in Ancient Greece and a major sea power in the region. It was a mighty walled city. It was taken over by the Romans in 229 BC and remained under Rome's rule until 395 AD when it came under the rule of the Byzantine Empire, who fortified it. (It has two forts). It was later developed by the Venetians and then added to by the French (who built the famous Liston, modelled on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris) and

George and Nena dancing. George the chef sweeping up some broken plates...
finally the British, who took control of the island and the town in 1814. They built the Palace of Saints George and Michael. People still play cricket on the esplanade (Spianadha), a tradition left over by the British Administration.

In 1864 the Ionian Islands were offered to Greece by Queen Victoria. Prince Philip (Victoria's great-great-great nephew) was born on Corfu some 60 years later.

During World War II, Corfu was occupied by the Italians and the Germans between 1941 and 1944 and was heavily bombarded by the Nazi planes. Over a quarter of Corfu Town was destroyed. Most, if not all of Corfu's Jewish population (2000 - 2500) who had found refuge here over the centuries, were rounded up and shipped off to the Nazi death camps. Today only 60 Jews reside in Corfu, 8 of whom are children. Lynne and I visited a Synagogue which had a plaque paying tribute to 2000 Jews who died in the Nazi camps...

Corfu town has elegant Venetian styled buildings, arcades, squares and boulevards and interesting alleyways. It truly has a very chic (even if dilapidated) and cosmopolitan feel to it. It is well worth a visit.

Gaios is

Kevin and George. I think Kevin had had one too many....frappes..!
another fabulous spot. It is quite a trendy little town with a very vibey square - A great spot to sit and watch the passing parade, enjoy a glass of wine and a gyros in Pita. Kevin and Stuart went for a ride around Gaios yesterday. Apparently they stopped at a little Cafenion (a little local watering hole) and while they were quenching their thirsts a truck came down the little alley... it was so narrow that the tables and chairs had to be moved so he could get past. Apparently there was much gesticulating and bellowing- Soooo Greek! ☺

Today we are in Lakka, a beautiful and quaint little town, also on Paxos. The water is turquoise and so inviting. As are the coffee shops. So, I guess it's Fredo Cappuccino time...! (The wine will come later...😊)

The weather is also starting to play ball... Bring on the Summer!

Additional photos below
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Alex playing dress-up...

Drinks up at Spartahori

Helping Lynne prepare for the party. Kevin and Robin were the chief cocktail stick makers...

Busy little assistant chefs..

And then it was time to celebrate!

Kittens snuggled up and feeding - in a woodpile. Kittens snuggled up in the woodpile with Mom and having a drink. (Sadly Swinger's two kittens have vanished! I guess that's the life of a wild cat. So hard for us city-dwellers to come to terms with..)

Two fledgling swallows on the boat rail next door. Waiting for Mom to feed them...

She does her job with such prowess...

A tripper boat in Emerald Bay

Hope the water is blue enough for you.. (Rob and Joyce enjoying the scene)

A beautiful, old, derelict building in Gaios

Fishing boats at Gaios

View over Gaios from the high road

And then the storm came...on route to Corfu..!n

Managed to record 9.2 but actually did go even faster...

Seas got quite rough and was darn fresh out there...

17th June 2013

About time too, Mogie. Glad you've shaken yourself out of the alcoholic haze for half a day!
17th June 2013

Tee hee hee, Donald! It was a struggle - but I managed... ;)

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