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June 3rd 2010
Published: June 3rd 2010
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OK, sorry folks, but its 2 days in one here, so be prepared for a long one! go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and have a read...............
Dave dried his kit from the previous day, shoes are starting to show wear and tear, but should last him to the end.
He caught the Rekini Bus, to start todays trail, soon had to cross a river, down a bank and cross a fallen tree which he had to balance on, then cross and then up a bank, started the climb - a little channel of water to cross ( bet that he feels the drying of his clothes was a waste of time), as he crossed the water, there was a large crab, he says about the size of a fist, the rest of the climb to Valanio was ok, into more olive groves and soon arrives at queens leap, and soon descends to a long track, with just birds and lizards for company, a very tranquil walk in his words.
Into Sokari village, wher he stopped at Emily's bar, where he had a traditional ginger beer, which is unlike the ginger beer in the U.K., but very refreshing but a little to sweet for him, had an Alpa beer, bought some water and left. An open track soon becomes narrow path in a forest, 1st climb then descend the old overgrown terraces clambering the walls, he spent a lot of time stooping, due to the branches overhanging, or having to push them aside, hearing snakes rushing away as he did so. the next bit i shall just relay as i have done before, as it is best you here his words on this one........
You hope to see one photo, then it happens, what an absolute thrill. Ive still got the buzz now, I turned the corner and walking towards me was a pine marten ( at this stage i had to text him to ask what one of those was, and the reply i got was - google it!, so if you have to ask, then i suggest you do the same). We both stopped, he froze, and I got some pics despite the poor light, as he (dave) moves the pine marten was gone, a special moment.
He then shortly emerges into the agricultural valley of Spartillas, vines and veg and a small lake, saw a honey Buzzard, arrived atAsteras bar, just a few rooms but nice. they have draught amstel!, a great to Corfu straight offshore from hidden barbati. from here to east coast road is the road with 27 hairpins and great view of Ipsos bay and beach.
Dave meets a man in a bar in Spartyllas who has a business in norway, but his family lives in Corfu, who have 2 donkeys fosterd from Corfu Donkey Rescue!
Dave needs to make decisions now, re; the rest of the walk as rain is due in the next day or so, he says ' I must finish now' and also, ' I will achieve!' his next walk is to the summit of Pantokrator, and promises himself a reward of beer and sardines in Kalami ( i am not saying a word.....).
A massive decision, in Daves words, he is woken by 'the mother of all thunderstorms' at 5am! he is wondering how slippery the cobbled paths will be, and a greater risk as he is alone, he decides to delay the start and see how things are in half an hour. he decides to go, theer is the odd wind from the east, and that is the direction he is heading, clouds are a little whiter and hopes for no rain.
He made the 1st climb, very hard and rough and at times, just inches from a 100ft drop ( by the fact that i am getting these messages, tells you he is ok, dont worry anyone!), and the next text is to say that he is on top of Pantokrater and its a nice day now. as he says, never before have i earned an amstel, ok - have to agree with you there Dave! the next text was short and simple.........I have done it. 8 hours and 8 mins with 2 10 minute stops and 2 detours, info to follow once i have necked a few!
having 'necked a few' he continues with the info, he is at a church ruin, the climb up there was more suited to a mountain goat than him, soon back on the path, climb through more forest, then rough scrub with boulders to climb, an area of cattle, sheep and goats grazing, Oh and a thousand flies!, he managed to find a path across to karst plateau.
On Panto road now, by the water tank, the weather looks ok now, even with the odd low cloud. descend eating packed breakfast, and now a long track to Sinies - abandoned village, then on to a steep descent, tied the paths - not clear, so its back to the road.
A long detour round the valley, maybe 2 miles extra, picked up the trail near Viglatsouri, now climbing again fo 40 minutes, great views of barbati, nissaki and corfu town and Albania.
Now onto a steep path cobbled in places to Katavolos. he descended cobbled paths through olives and met the coastal road, crossed and down to Kalami.
On a stoney beach, then coastal path to nissaki, through hotel grounds, past the pool and bar and out the other side ( did you read that? dave passed a bar), and onto Agni, again along a beach, stopped at Agni taverna, the corfu guide website he uses is here (got a free beer), on via one more beach to Kalami and Thomas' place, then got a lift to his room, a nice place but the tv doesnt work.
another big decision re - the weather, he will watch the forecast and see, if its good tomorrow he may have to do final day without a rest as he doesnt want to risk saturday being bad, an early night just in case, wont make that decision until he wakes in the morning. ( its at this point that he asks me to check the weather, for corfu from the UK, but i wasnt much help as it shows the same weather for both days).
we will have to wait with interest, as to what he deides.


4th June 2010

where are you - urgent
Hi Dave, it has been hectic at the shelter the last few weeks, lots of help but always this requires my personal presence even more as I have to bring my man management skills into operation (and it has to be said I am far better at donkey management). I need to give instruction, show volunteers how things are done and check up on it all the time, visit DIY stores for supplies, still dealing with building authorities trying to get the new shelter foundations started, and so it goes on. Anyway, this morning was my first chance to get into the office as our blog was in need of updating. I had a quick scan through emails and noticed yours from several weeks ago. Ah, I thought, Dave will be starting the walk soon, must plan a visit to see you, as promised. Then horror!! You've nearly finnished. Where do the days and weeks go to? I read your last blog and it seems you may finnish one day early. Well Dave, I can only apologise profusely. I don't really know where you are. Maybe tomorrow I can go to Almiros beach (where ever that is) but maybe you are there today? I will try to find you. If you get this in time and have a phone number I can reach you on, please ring me. You have done an incredible thing and I do want to thank you personally on behalf of all the donkeys. Hope to see you, Judy
8th June 2010

To Judy
Hi Judy, so sorry we missed but I know how incredibly busy you are. I am now home havign completed th echallenge and will be starting my personal story day by day from tomorrow. The monies from myself and some I was given on my walks will be paid through to you in due course. Hope you have received other donation ssince I started walking. I aim to be out in October for a week of rest so will come and see you then.

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