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June 5th 2010
Published: June 5th 2010
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Dave has decided today is the day! he will go for it to a finish,as he is unsure what the weather holds for the following day.
Woke to a swollen eyelid, so its only half open, not sure whether its a bite from those flies he encountered yesterday, or the mozzie spray got in it. no chemists here, so must walk.
He made it to Perithia through the clouds, clearing to sun now.
Then just one climb and downhill, he estimates 3 and a half hours from here.........
Almiros beach ahead, and it will be flat all the way to the finish!
the next text says it all, Done it, details later, beer 1st.
Ok, thats how I received the news, so thought it best to relay it to you in the same way!
next follows how he did it on his final day,
He walked to Agni and Kentroma, it wasvery steep, then cobbled way and groves, still uphill to P orta, he was now in the clouds. Uphilll on nice forest path to Santa the up t abondoned Mengoulas restoration, goes on here through houses (literallly) and up.....and up.
Up gradual but rough track in the clouds,got up to 800 metres high, in 3 hours, just got a glimpse of Pantokrator ariel in the clouds, yet it was close by. descend now, on overgrown rocky slopes, then old terraced fields then forest to Palio Perithia, track and then gulley past dry Parigori river bed to Krinias village.
Road and tracks to Portes, the another cobbled path and thorough oak trees to main coast road to Almiros,onto beach and t cape Agia Ekaterini, cofu's most northern point, the paths here very sharp rocks, he is now slow..
past beach and round over bridge to Ag. spiridon beach Finished and so elated!
Well you may have noticed I havent done any mickey taking today, as this is very much Daves finest hour, and i have to say (and i told him) he deserves every beer he can get down his neck, particularly with the various problems he has encountered, his leg, various bites, and even the eyelid well done doent even come close! I know dave is going to continue this blog when he returns, with a more in depth account of the details etc, so it only leaves me hoping you enjoyed reading my interpretation of his adventure and to say .......over to you Dave.
P.S. there will be one more blog from me for you to read, it will fllow this one almost immediately.


5th June 2010

Well Done
Well done Dave, as Ian says you deserve all the beer you can get, not forgetting Ouzo as well. Hope the leg and the eye recover ok.

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