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June 1st 2010
Published: June 1st 2010
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I will begin with what dave told me last night about todays walk, then progress to what actually happened on the walk, which was only 3 1/2 hours today, i say only, but that is quite a short walk by the standards he has been setting!
He begins by telling me that its an uphill walk and not so interesting as before, or so he is told, he has bought water, bread and olives for tomorrow.
It is raining today in Corfu, which they do get and normally torrential for a few hours, but this is more like the british rain, more persistent and dreary, so the waterproofs are on, the uphill journey is very tacky and slippy due to the weather, and a lot of todays walk is on grass, whereas the previous walks havent involved that, also had to ford a river, so shoes and feet are very wet, there are no lizards or butterflies, just the rustle of jis waterproofs and a bit of birdsong that can be heard, he didnt stop today as he has on other days, except to take photos etc and admire the views, after initial steep climb,he was in Prinilas, then up through the village to Pagi, then down steep ford river and up to Aspiotades and then onto Mantatades, leaving through a church garden, he saw a torpedo mounted on a cliff, he said 'why', well i have driven past that a few times and told him it was an old ww2 bomb that never went off and was later defused and mounted, why they actualkly did it i dont know! soon down into Agros then Ag. Athamasios, after he was through the village, he went past a monastary which he could have visited if he was dressed correctly, on through olive groves and river valley to Rekini road junction, somewhere i know well! he saw a sign 9km to sidari, which is where we frequent usually.
the next part of the journey is by bus to where he supposed to be staying, but it was a 3 hour wait for it, and he had decided to go to Sidari instead to meet with Spiros, Angelo and Tereza, so he got a taxi and then text me everything that had changed from what i saw last year, roads that were now tarmacked, shops that were out of business and that sort of thing, this made me extremely jealous as he was now in an area that i can relate to and picture.
Dave has redeemed himself today, he arrived at Terezas and phoned me, then handed the phone to Angelo and then Tereza, so i could have a chat! oh ok, he's quite a nice man after all..........................................................


1st June 2010

I'm jealous too now, I love Sidari. Hope the leg is doing ok.
2nd June 2010

Hiya Ann, just thought i would respond to your comment re:- Dave s leg, it seems that his swelling is around the top of where a sock would be, going downwards, you cant see his ankle due to the swelling, and a bit painful at times, he struggles to get a sock on, and the anti-inflamatories he bought out there dont seem to do anything to help, but having said that, he is very chirpy when he phones me and does manage to stroll round the various towns and villages when he visits them, so maybe its not as painful as it comes across, more discomfort than pain? i know he suffers on certain days, so i am not belittling it, and obviously his determination to complete the trail is carrying him through! my email is if you want or need to contact me on this or any other info you want, though i wouldnt post that on the blog as i never know who can gain access to it! Ian (ghost writer)

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