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May 31st 2010
Published: May 31st 2010
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so, the 2nd week begins, but he starts by telling me what he did last night, well to be more precise, he tells me what he had to drink and how many! please read carefully the end of this blog, as he has sent me texts to really wind me up, worth the read.
anyway, his leg is more swollen now, and struggled to get his sock on this morning. he did managed to stroll around the village yesterday though and rested under the tree of idleness, laid on a lounger by the pool and read a book, then a swim and relax.
On to todays walk, he made Lakones village in 70 minutes, wonderful uphill trails which were very hard in places, needed hands in places to climb a small rockface, but had a rope to help him and a step ladder which made things a bit easier, up a cobbled track, finally a winter watercourse which is more difficult, great views back to Liapades and the hotel, also to paleo and is walking to bella vista.
He had a treat of home made ice cream which melted very quickly as its hot already, no tourists in bella vista as its early am still, apparently he got a great shot of a lizard with yellow stripes.
Krini square. had a can of amstel and bread crisps and sat under the tree of idleness again ( have to tell you that i received that text at about 8.00 - 8.30 am, so having a beer at 10.00 - 10.30 greek time), lots of village ladies about, and the bakers van arrives, which apparently explains why all the men are in the little bar/coffee shop, its very traditional here, Dave bought a bread roll from the baker and had an ouzo with him, had their photo taken together and carried on walking (its still only 9am here), so i had to reply about this alcohol drinking! the reply from him was 'he had bottles on his shelves that looked over 40 years old, wait till you see the picture, he was so proud of them! that text was shortly followed by 'Jealous! its 11am here, all tourists cars are driving straight past and are missing this little jem, i will be back.
to continue, 10 minutes along beach and i will be there, from Krini down through groves and open fields, came to a gap in the rocks and a view to Afionis, this is a cover shot of a recent book by John Waller called walking the Corfu trail, once passed the rock, on a most amazing walled footpath that zig-zags down the cliff, a great view ofAgios georgios bay and beach, Alfionis and headland,Porto Timoni and the offshore islands of Ericoussa, Othoni and Mathraki, stopped a while to take in the beauty of it all, down was the sea both blue and turquoise and emerald green, the path down was nice, then track through the groves - descending all the time. Last cobbled path overgrown by reeds, at last coastal path, one last problem, the winter storms had washed away sections into the sea, they are repairing but a bit of a scramble over the mud. Finally onto the sand, great walk, and now its lunchtime, beer and sardines if they have them (this is the 1st pop at me, more to follow at the end!), then find hotel, Belle Helen on the front, swim and relax.
ok, i promised you these digs at me, the very next text i got was as follows :-
So as to be different, its a well earned large Mythos (greek Beer) and yes, a plate of sardines, bet you are salivating now!
He then goes on to mention how much he is enjoying his sardines ( just one mention is enough dave), and that he found a pair of sunglasses today, and would i put out a request that if anyone had lost them, could they forward me their address and he will post them to them, bit unlikely i think you'll find dave, but done it anyway and a description and make might have helped, i think i might get 600 people saying 'their mine' now!
now the texts are getting spiteful.........Oh the feel of an ice cold glass from the freezer filled with blonde refreshing Mythos is better than a good woman after a 4 hour walk (are you reading this Eve?)
All joking aside, that sounded like a really good walk today, with some fantastic views, i must admit i felt very jealous as i was reading those texts today, especially as i am sitting here looking out the window and seeing an overcast and somewhat cold day, i am not of course jealous of the sardines and the beer.................


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