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May 30th 2010
Published: May 30th 2010
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ok, im not making apologies for the previous blog, and as i said i will mention it again at various points, but for now its back to the matter in hand......
the next text to relay to you is quite long again, and a bit more deciphering on my part, but here we go.
Out of the village to Ermones bridge by the golf club, he spoke to 2 german ladies who were also doing the corfu trail, but have different maps and therefore going in a different direction, they are also carrying all of their gear with them some 12.5 kilos! whereas dave is having his possessions moved from appartment to appartment for him, and has to carry very little whilst he walks, he asked the german ladies if he will see 2 more golf clubs as they had come from a different direction, they told him that the other 2 were in the town, he soon meets up with them again as the new route through Ropa is not well marked, he ended on road ( not quite sure what he meant by that) and walked to Giannades. he saw many lizards and a few sheep and a few cows too, and a couple of dead snakes. nice village, stopped for lunch, the germans have a picnic, he bought amstel, bread crisp and water! he admired the views overRopa and pantokrator, they ( the germans) go off to find coffee and dave walks.
Out of the village, that was ok, but as he ascends to cross the ridge, the signs disappear, he spent the next 2 hours trying tracks, returning again and then another etc. up and down all the time, took him 35 mins climb and was confronted with a fence at the top ( i am ommiting the swear word he used at this point), he should be at the end by now, but he is lost, decided to go back to Giannades he tried to phone Anna ( the lady who is his helper in as much of moving his stuff etc, and driving him to various starts, and he can also get her to do things that might need to be done i;e, get money out for him or solve a problem etc) anyway, he tried to phone her, but got no answer as its siesta time. luckily, a scots couple in the square kindly gave him a lift to liapades. he only had 1km to walk there, so didnt lose much by getting that lift, and i imagine that was a relief after the frustration of getting lost.
stayed at liapades beach hotel, which is part of cricketers taverna, he has a great room with a sea view, just had a shower as he walked for 7 hours today, so its off to the bar for corfu beer and food, later has his washing to do, as tomorrow is a rest day and he sure deserves it (his words, but i think you will all agree), as he wrote this particular text, it was clouding over, but hopes its good enough to dry his washing. now to relax, and promises himself extra ouzo tonight to celebrate half way! as he says 'Yammas' - thats cheers to those who dont know basic greek!
the next bit will be an exact copy of what he said again, with an apology from me at the end......
Finally, as i walk through liapades pass a lady with laden donkey. wonder what she thinks of my corfu rescue t-shirt, written in greek.dont forget to mention re sponsorship, these trails are hard and they do them laden for all working life, up to 40 years! oops - sorry dave ive already done that bit!


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