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May 30th 2010
Published: May 30th 2010
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phew! finally up to date now, so sincere apologies again for not having written these blogs, but it should be back to normal again now, just the one per day!
this one is not so good i am afraid, think i will (once again) just relay his text to you and comment afterwards.
'well after a 40 minute lunch break it was tough, leg has shin splint, hope from dunes, sand and that swim and muscle rub will ease pain. walk through olive groves pleasant. saw dead snake, black and whitebands, 1 ft long, lots of birds. one point roadhad fall onto beach, i get bye cars not. arrive at appartments to be met with large bottle of ouzo! small place here, have swim and meal and water for tomorrow before i hobble up hill to room. Amstel better the more tired you are! Yammas! well thats 20% done. it gets tougher now as hills tomorrow, weather hot little breeze.
ok thats that text over and you probably have guessed by now that i have posted this one 'out of order', oops! sorry folks, but as you also may have guessed he persevered with his leg, so determined is he to continue the trail. it is daves rest day today (sunday) and is enjoying a well deserved break, laying by the pool and reading and resting. as i said, he is now half way and I am up to date with the blogs ( thanks goodness), so no mickey taking anymore today, just to say, well done so far dave!


30th May 2010

Another mile another Amstel
Keep going Dave,can imagine how hard this must be.You deserve every single beer you have.Have enough and accompanied by a generous shot or two of ouzo,the pain will be less.Hope you have a good rest today but fear you may pay for it tomorrow by stiffening up a bit.Enjoy the views,thinking of you whilst supping an ale or three here on the Isle of WIght
30th May 2010

Mind that leg
Look after that leg David. We're all back here supporting you and reading your adventures! Enjoy the rest day, wonder if you will be able to get to an internet cafe to read all your blog comments? Annabel x

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