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May 30th 2010
Published: May 30th 2010
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Ok, I am chucking this 'quickie' blog in, to remind you all of why we are doing this, me writing and you reading!
This is for the Corfu donkey sanctuary, as they are self sufficient, and need every penny (euro) they can lay their hands on to keep this wonderful place going, am i begging you? your damn right i am! dave has put a very long time into training for this, and as he would ordinarilly go to corfu at least once each year for his holiday (vacation), this is completely different and out of his 'comfort zone' so please put your hands in your wallets/purses etc. and fund the donkey sanctuary in corfu.
I will also have warn you that i will mention it again, and no doubt dave will upon his return to dear old blighty, so no excuses for missing this blog is there!
sure, we have had a bit of a laugh along the journey, some of it at his expense, and no doubt more of that to come as we are only half way ( in terms of days), but although it sounds like he is enjoying himself and he is in the area he would love to spend loads of time ( as would I), it really is a working holiday and not very cheap for him, particularly as he is ringing and texting me on 4 or 5 occassions each day, now thats commitment to the cause! he is not asking to empty your pockets for the cause, but a donation of some kind would be most appreciated, if you are unaware how to do it, please contact dave on his return.


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