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May 30th 2010
Published: May 30th 2010
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ok, the blogs are catching up, hope im not doing all your heads in by sending so many in one day? really need to catch up and get on top of it again though. I think my typing finger (singular not plural) is getting decidedly shorter!
so, again he starts the wrong way! does an extra half mile, anyone thinking the same as me, its that beer and ouzo isnt it!!! anyway, once on the right road, he makes good progress to myritiossia beach , very steep downhill - Durrell says its the most beautiful in the world, not now it isnt apparently, its now a nudist area ( hey dave you dont recognise beauty when you see it!) bet the camera couldnt come out fast enough!
The sand is blowing in storms, now a very small sandy bit about 50 metres square, a very long hard climb away ( bet he was looking over his shoulder a lot, or it was hard because he was walking backwards! he saw a honey buzzard and many gecko's and lizards.
he arrived at Patos, a quiet village square, had a beer and bought some water, tended to his feet and an ambulance arrived with flashing lights, he thought i had arranged it for his leg! sorry Dave, after what you have been looking at and drinking, you can get on with it.
the next text is very 'bitty' so i will try to explain it as best as i can, the 1st bit is ok, it read 'the views are exceptional, shame my camera not do the same as binoculars', now i wonder what he was looking at? not for me to pass on to you daves thoughts, but guessing would seem easy at this point! to continue, he had olives and a beer in the hotel levant at the top in the sun and had to tear himself away ( wonder if the view from the top involved a camera and binoculars.....)
ok, this is where the text gets a bit 'bitty'and a bit difficult to undersatnd to be honest, so its easier (for me) to just tell you exactly what he sent 'could see all today walk from top of Agii and all amro up ropa valley. dinner now, baked feta and lamb kleftiko' again for those of you havent been to greece or sampled their food, lamb kleftiko is to 'die for' my favourite dish and im sure he knows that so along with the amstel he is probably having another pop at me by mentioning it, i am not bitter in the slightest........................................!


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