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May 30th 2010
Published: May 30th 2010
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I have entitled this blog as 'success' as i was unsure as to whether i was able to post the previous one, nothing to do with Daves success on his trip.
The next text is quite a long one, but tells a lot....
Its starts in Benitses, which is a mile point' so it must have felt good to get there. After an hours stop for lunch in Strongoli at Spiros Taverna, where he got free Ouzo ( with the amount of alcohol he is consuming, i am surprised he can walk at all.......)
He walked past an old monastry and saw a sign to go to the right, but the area had just been mown, and no paths were evident, checking his notes its the right area, anyway, he goes on and comes to a road, where he realises its the wrong way, but Stavros his way, it was a longer route in 105 degrees of heat, but worth it for the breathtaking views over to Corfu town and lazaretto with pantokrater as a backdrop, in his words 'wonderful'he realised at this point he is just below kominata as that has the same view, but when he saw the sign for Benitses, he just took it, and picked up the local trail and went down a very steep decline in to the resort. his leg really hurt on the descent, and as he says he had no eddie izzard back up team! so he he used his own cure, and i refuse to make a comment about it, leave that one to you as a reader it says ' my cure - Amstel, grilled corfu sausage and a swim.
( he told me that lot in one text!)
his next text is almost as long, and more about what he saw as opposed to what he did.........saw lots of birds, geckos, 2 more snakes and they all rush to hide, they are all so fast, and there are ever present butterflies oh and 2 dead cats! the beaches here are very quiet, another hot day, though he didnt say how hot, as he went the wrong way (see previous blog), he missed the descent via the waterworks built by us brits to supply corfu town (aint we brits nice), and stopped to watch a plane fly in to the airport, with the next lot of tourists on board.
that was that for that day, well i got no more texts for that day anyway.
the next day started with the following text 'I have brekkie, very overcast, cloud hide the op of Agii deka, leg worse i think its a reaction to a mozzie bite, oh tough it out'
omg! the texts are getting even longer!
he went to the chemist (pharmacist) for anti-inflamatory pills and then taken to the start, it started with an hours uphill trip through olive groves and hollyoak, great views again despite the low clouds, saw a dead hedgehog and a live buzzard, he passed odd natural fortress of conglomerate limestone, stopped to get water at ano garouna village ( you will notice i said water and not beer), then a steep difficult climb to the top of agii deka (ten saints), great views all round despite clouds ( i know i said that before, but he mentioned it twice, so i did), he visited a monastry and lit a candle and was the 1st to do so that day, the descent was very steep again and hard, but stunning views again, 1st to the east, sinarades - pelekas my onward stops later and the sea beyond, then on to a lagoon, corfu town and the airport, and to my left pantokrator popping up above the clouds, and to my right the Achillon palace in view, could see all this from varying heights as he descended.
Throughedge of Ag. deka village and on via Alepohori, natural spring water here to Kamara, onto Sinarades by 1.30, but the museum was shut! he then goes on to mention what he had for lunch, and what he had to drink, im not going to tell you waht it was, but i think Amstel owe me a few pounds for advertising their product............


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