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May 24th 2010
Published: May 24th 2010
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One small step for Shrek and one giant leap for Donkeykind! ok, enough of that!
Have been wondering where to start with this, so I am going to repeat a text (one of many) that Dave sent me today :-
If god invented peace, this is it. Cold Mythos (local greek beer for those of you that havent been before), view to die for towards Lefkimmi port ang Greece (mainland). I'm the only guest tonight, so being spoilt, going to try and get a tan now, its so quiet its just nature - perfect.
so, that was his text, makes me feel like i should be working for the corfu/greek tourist board by publishing that!
ok, moving on to the main event, Kavos is like a ghost town, only the barmen to see, had a good trail to the monastry and onto the beach, had a sea wade around the outcrop which was deserted ( ive missed a bit out here on purpose, read on to find out what it is!) water was clear, great views as he climbed away and walked through olives to spartera, stopped in village for an Amstel (ok im starting to hate him again, if he mentions amstel again i'll.........), stay at paradise taverna tonight, finished at 1pm today, a very good start, and now a pleasant 25 degrees.
ok, I promised you i would fill in the missing gap didnt I? anyone who knows Dave will know why I am going to say this after what he did, when he went around the outcrop wading in the sea, he went skinny dipping! what i want to know is, does any of you know the number for greenpeace??????
I dont know where you all are, when you are reading this, all over the world I hope, but as I probably wont be able to say this again, a preverbial 2 fingers up to you Dave, it was 30 degrees in London today!
OK, thats pretty much it for today, lets hope he is daft enough to let us into more secrets like his skinny dipping, every day - doubt it though as i was foolish enough to let on to him that i was going to publish it today, i know i know, i wasnt thinking was I?
Best Wishes to you all,


24th May 2010

I stumbled upon your post by accident, but I thought it was funny, and Kavos sounds nice. My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, etc, to share (like maybe of Paradise Taverna?!). If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
26th May 2010

whos needs corfu when its hot in southampton sat in pub haveing beer,ps dave got lost today on his walk ha ha
28th May 2010

Dave, Pleased to hear your got there OK - even with the scare of losing your rucksac! Mind you if it hadnt of shown up yuo coudl always have caught a bus to Brighton, sunbathe for a few days then walk back to High Wycombe. Thats probably about the same dsiatance as the Corfu Trail !!
8th June 2010

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I will have a look in a few days and see what I can add.

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