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May 25th 2010
Published: June 9th 2010
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Having received no less than 4 texts within a half hour period from 'Our Dave' I am finding it difficult to make head or tail of some of them! I am undecided as to whether to just put in print what he said and let you bloggers work it out for yourselves, or do a bit of headscratching and solve them before I let you in on what I think he has said and done! (no skinny dipping today, but he does do something else......read on).
Ok, I went for the latter of those two options after careful consideration, as I am in charge! (oh, the power.......!!)
It begins in Lefkimmi, the 2nd biggest town, outside of Corfu Town, its a mix of old and new with lots of churches, and then on to Gardeno valley, at this point he was hoping to stop for a snack and a drink, but he said it was closed (I am assuming by that he meant the shops in the valley were closed, but a bit unsure about that to be honest). Dave then enjoyed a spectacular view from the ridge above the west coast to Agios George south and Lake Korrission, he then mentions its hot (is he reading these blogs I am writing and trying to get his own back because i mentioned it was hotter in London yesterday than it was in Corfu?) He doesnt say how hot, just 'Hot' mmmmm.......
Dave then has an hour long descent to the beach, and i may as well tell you the next text in its entirity, it explains everything 'Lucky me, its a nudist beach.
His next text is almost as short as the previous one, so here we go again 'Made it, nudes on beach - just ordered a beer - Sardines for lunch' now that particular text, is clearly a dig at me, so i best explain hadnt I? I made it a personal mission one year I spent with Dave in Corfu, to find a Taverna, bar or restaraunt that served grilled sardines, and had no luck, although i did find one the following year, and that place is now imprinted on my brain! anyway, enough about me, this is supposed to be about Dave and his 'shrek trek' and the fundraising for the Donkey sanctuary, so I am wondering why he is sending me texts like that? surely, by now he knows me better than to think i wont tell all!
To continue with the matter in hand, today he saw balkan green lizards, a 3ft snake, bullfrogs and countless butterflies, birds, and flowers, Dave loves his wildlife, and also takes his camera with him everywhere, he adds that he couldnt photograph the birds or the snake as they were gone too quickly, perhaps you need to know him a little better, if you dont already that is, his opinion on photography is 'why take one photo when a thousand will do', so i know he wont be too happy that he was unable to take those pictures, although he didnt say so in the texts.
The final text I got from him today was pretty long and refers to various bits of his day and some of tomorrows trek, so a bit more deciphering required by me i am afraid!
He mentions that he saw a strawberry tree in fruit in Lefkimmi, which is most odd. Had a nice swim, then a bit of a read and an Amstel (you see, he is still having a go at me!, I am sure I can dish some dirt on him for doing this, just give me time........) anyway, he done this on a blue flag sandy beach, he then sat on his balcony and 'repaired his feet' oh he aint getting no sympathy from me after those amstel texts and the sardine ones!
Half of tomorrows walk, he can see along the beach.
I have to add at the end of all these texts what he said, and this is where i think he has lost the plot, so i shall just repeat his words and you make your own minds up.......
today as I walked through the olive groves, i sing 'these feet are made for walking and now they really walking the trail of Corfu, dum diddy dum diddy do'
As i said, make your own minds up.....


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