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November 9th 2014
Published: November 9th 2014
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THESSALONIKI. November 8/9, 2014. Rain, Overcast, cold.

The train left promptly. We had settled in for the 3 hours. Then about 45 mins later there was a Greek announcement. Everyone else but us, got up, got down their bags and made for the door. Found an english speaker who told us there was a train change. No advice when booking!

Arrived in T, the second city of Greece, at a very small station not indicative of a second city. Lined up for a taxi, with the homeless, before deciding to go searching in the rain for a taxi. Northern Greece looks to have been hit hard by the financial dramas. Huge youth unemployment must be very demoralising, evidenced by the chronic graffiti.

Sat around most of Saturday afternoon due to the constant drizzle. Sunday was much better, so we went exploring.

The city is on the shores of the Aegean, and the foreshore is attractive, with many high rise, to about 7 stories, lining the promenade. There is a central boulevard or " long plaza" running vertically to the foreshore, which is very wide and lined with fruiting orange trees and date palms. Many trendy bars populate the centre and from 2 pm they were crowded with people which seemed to be planted for the afternoon. Retail outlets are closed Sundays in Greece, yet both Athens and T were crowded with families and couples happily walking the streets, and as I said, all cafes seemed to be doing a roaring trade. Cafes on the GC would be over the moon with the crowds!

We have another two days here, due to a flight connection, so I wonder what we will do, besides the ever constant hand washing!!

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