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February 8th 2009
Published: February 8th 2009
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Heating Oil TankerHeating Oil TankerHeating Oil Tanker

Our first refill of heating oil for this winter.
We had new heating oil delivered Tuesday 3rd Feb. This is the first time it has been refilled this winter, so indicates that it has not been very cold, unlike other parts of Europe. The 4th Feb and we went into Salonika and did a bit of window shopping. There are flower sellers on the corner selling tulips and hyacinths, now that the weather is starting to become spring like. In Salonika today it was supposed to be 11 C today, with an overnight low of 7C. However you still see Chestnuts being roasting on the coals by street sellers.
We caught the bus to Upper Toomba, a suburb of Salonika, where Michael’s friend Stavros has a super doper Patisserie /Café. Yu can have coffees outside under shaded tables in the summer or in the enclosed glassed area in inclement weather. We then decided to walk about 4 km to some friends in Voulgarie, another suburb. We needed to walk off the delicious biscuits we had with our coffee. I noticed a temperature sign saying 21 C at 1pm. We passed a remaining part of the old castle enroute-Michael did not know that it had actually been built out that far
Walking SticksWalking SticksWalking Sticks

A shop in Salonika had these carved heads of walking sticks.
from the centre of Salonika before. Coming home we see a neighbour’s rooster close to the nearby high school, so because of roaming dogs, Michael picked it up and took it back to its rightful owner. Two days later a roaming dog killed one of the neighbour’s chooks, as they allow them to wander around their chook pen for some time each day.
Michael grilled the fish I bought yesterday on a new improvised “carvonya” or BBQ. I did a bit of gardening this morning and in the afternoon we caught the bus down to the nursery near LIDL and bought some bulbs. They were starting to sprout, so should have been purchased about a month ago.
Although we are far removed from the infernos in Victoria, our thoughts are with those people who have lost family members and property during the wild fires. We have seen the devastation on the News internet sites.

Additional photos below
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Chestnut sellerChestnut seller
Chestnut seller

This seees to be part of a company selling chestnuts on the streets in Salonika
Flower sellerFlower seller
Flower seller

Spring bulb flowers for sale on street corner in Salonika
Old Castle WallOld Castle Wall
Old Castle Wall

This was near Upper Toomba, an outer suburb of Salonika.
Plant Covered Building SalonikaPlant Covered Building Salonika
Plant Covered Building Salonika

This was taken from the bus and the green plant covering the building would have cooled it in summer.
Clematis covered buildingClematis covered building
Clematis covered building

This building near Salonika Market has only the outlines of the branches from the clematis covering it in the winter time.
Michael grilling fishMichael grilling fish
Michael grilling fish

This man has endless talents!
Michael's cookingMichael's cooking
Michael's cooking

Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes made by Michael were the order of one day for lunch.
Michael  and the bulb bedMichael  and the bulb bed
Michael and the bulb bed

Michael looking at his start on the flowering bulb bed
Pruning the vinesPruning the vines
Pruning the vines

Michael pruned the vines over the pergola.
Herbs in Salonika MarketHerbs in Salonika Market
Herbs in Salonika Market

A selection of herbs for sale in Salonika Market
Dried Peas ane BeansDried Peas ane Beans
Dried Peas ane Beans

A shop selling a wide variety of dried peas and beans in Salonika Market
Dried PeppersDried Peppers
Dried Peppers

Different types of dried peppers- sweet and hot ones in Salonika Market.

10th February 2009

Looks fun
Looks like a very fun trip! www.travelingdonor.com
3rd March 2009

March 4th
I cannot believe how "green" in colour the trees are, and the grass. Wonderful. Hope this reaches you as this is my first comment.

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