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December 15th 2008
Published: December 15th 2008
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Salut LA gang

I know I don't right to often anymore so I figured I'd take my two free periods in school to come on here and let you in on what is going on. Last Wenesday I met my new host family that I should be staying with until febuary if all goes well. I liked them alot the man is a laywer and his wife a teacher they have two sons one is 19 and the other 21 and live in Solingen which is the neighboring town from where I am yet. I will be spending christmas with them. this week I'm going to Holland to see Eline. I so cannot waith. when I get back I move to my other family directly. This weekend I was in Aachen with the other Rotary inbound exchange students. It was great fun although I didn't get to visit much and I found the area pretty flat like the landscape the church their was splendid. If I had 6 hours of sleep in my whole weekend it is good. We all slept on gym matts in the gymasium and they feed us food like in the simpsons cafeateria which I didn't eat because it tasted so bad. other then that I attempted to learn how to dance like the south americans but I failed to succeed I just dont have it in my blood I guess. there where also people from south africa which came to join us on the second night they must have found us a bunch of crazy inbouds with all the noise we where making. I also visited a glass factory and got to break a 600 euro winsheal car glass which was a highlight in visiting that factory which out of all things I found random.

Write to me anybody I know I don't answer but I like getting mail. and well I probably will not be on for another long while maybe I'll try adding pictures if I have time during the christmas holidays.


15th December 2008

I know you are not allowed to date within the hostfamily you are in, but DAMN! THATS THE RIGHT AGE!!!
30th December 2008

your funny i actually saw it at your place but i didnt say anything but i must agree and its pretty hard too be with cute guys all the time

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