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December 3rd 2008
Published: December 3rd 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

It feels like such a long time since I haven't written on here, not that I've been overly busy but just don't usually take the time to do it. It's snowing today, this morning the buses where not driving so e ended up not going to school. kind of like a snow day for all the people who couldn't reach the school in time which where many I believe Naima my host sister was over joyed by the fact that she didn't get to go to school today. I actually was laughing because actually there isn't that much snow on the ground and well I must say I guess they are not as well equiped as we are when it comes to taking the snow out of the rodes. Apparently the didn't have a snow day school free since the elementary school. This afternoon I will probably go to my deutsch unterricht in die nachtmittag. It's my host mother's birthday today but she's gone to Rome with my host dad for the week since she's turning 50. Yesterday I went out with the principal to the cafee in town and just had a little chat. My counselor emailed me yesterday that I should be changing families right be for christmas on the 23 which is the day when I'm getting back from Holland for all of you who might not know I'm going to visit my friend for a few days. I'm so very muc looking forward to it. I'm over excited about the thought of going there a seeing a familiar face amoung all the strangers I met this year. My birthdays coming soon too and I guess being 18 here isn't such a big deal as bad home so when I get back I'll have to celebrate my 18th birthday again. I wanted to go out with friends in the city but I don't think it will be possible so I have no idea what I'm actually going to do. My german is getting better but I still know its not good enough. So it's hard. I do wish I had more friends here to go out with but the truth is I don't and those I have are often busey with school. but I do try going out a little with the Rotary kids so it's alright. It's getting hard with Weinacht und meine Geburtstag but I guess its all good I cannot believe I made it in December now I have to go through the Holidays and after that It should be better.


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