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October 8th 2008
Published: October 8th 2008
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still here, i get my internet in 10 days now,

today im with Nadine's friend from sweden who is visiting for the week and we're touristing our way around trier, going to the porta nigra, a really old gate thing, and the museumn, and some old roman baths, but i tell you what, it just doesnt stop raining here in trier. we've had about 3 nice days in the 1.5 weeks here, and both have them have rained for half of them, lol, its not heavy rain, but just that grey cloud and drizzle constantly, beautiful city. but i think im nuts for living here. i'd prefer snow, and i know in a couple of months i'll be whinging about snow, but it'll be better than raain, i like snow! its fun.

Last night we went to a friend of nadsines who is also going to uni here in trier, and this girl Corrina, spent 7 months last year being an Au Pair, in Sydney, when i asked where, she said Wahroonga, when i said where she said Edwards rd, i could beleive it, my grandads house, is number 36, where i lived for the last 4 months, and she lived at number 9. so she new the blue gum, and went to the rsl, and stuff, and i met her here in trier, crazy small world i can trell you!

Any how, i gotta go try and get me a job, and do some more touristy things, oh yeah, and tomorrow we're going to luxemberg for the day. it takes 40 minutes to get the the city of luxemberg, by car the first village in the country of luxemberg, is 10 minutes from my house. hahahaha, so exciting times! cheap day trip tomorrow to a french speaking country.. oh dear this place is strange! lol

love you all!

and i used paragraphs...



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