Germany 2013 - Sept 17 - The Trip Home

Published: September 19th 2013
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Gnome DownGnome DownGnome Down

It was touch and go for a little while but we think he'll pull through
Our last day has arrived. We got up at 0530 to get ready, say goodbyes and be on time for our early van pickup. We’ll really miss our days with Aunt Eva and getting to spend time in person with Mom and Jerry. Our family in Germany is very gracious with their time, their energy, their ideas for excursions. and of course, their food and wine (!). They are truly what make our trips very special. We are a few years older and maybe our adventures now are a little more modest than our 2005 New Zealand glacier hiking, whale watching, and forest hikes. Despite that, we hope you found some fun trailing along with us. It was a great, low-key trip that focused more on visiting and that was exactly what we all needed. Hey, how many times do you get to see a Yeti on a folding bike? We do have some bad news for those of you following the Gnome’s dating game. After dinner on our last night, he had a little too much wine and took a spill on the pavement. He didn’t lose his whole head, only a chip, but he might have even more trouble
True LoveTrue LoveTrue Love

Meet the gnome's future ex-wife
attracting the ladies. It’s a good thing he had already found his dream girl and she already agreed to come to America before the accident. We’ll get him some super-glue medical attention STAT.

We survived the 9 hour flight to DC and a long wait in customs along with the 2 hour drive home on the Beltway. That was probably one of the most strenuous parts. We picked up our younger dogs, Edge and Skye, from the always-fabulous Interlude Kennel and then went to pick up our oldest one, Griffin, from our friends, Sylvia and Robert. Griffin discovered he has a home-away-from-home, new beagle friends, and wonderful “god/dog-parents”. He also got two new names, “Griffito” and “Andy Griffin.” He didn’t want to leave but we made him. We picked up a Chinese “frenzy” for dinner and ended the day glad to be back in our own Markowich nest. We love Germany a bunch but we also love the good ole USA and our bad TV, Diet-cokes, and SUVs. Until next time, best to all.

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